Aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of February 18, 2024

What do you value at work and with your money, Aquarius? As the sun enters Pisces on Sunday, February 18, you might become more inclined to align your work life and financial goals with your value system. Pisces season will encourage you to honor what you need. You might need less structure, more creative freedom, and compassion in your work life. As a result, this could guide you to pursue financial and professional opportunities aligned with what you need. 

By the following day, you might become increasingly comfortable voicing your goals since Chiron in Aries will conjunct the North Node in Aries and oppose the South Node in Libra. While it could be scary to be vulnerable, you might also become more empowered when you communicate your plans to achieve your professional and financial goals. 

Toward the end of your workweek, you may feel incredibly self-assured and magnetic when Venus in your sign conjuncts Mars in your sign. As the conjunction unfolds, it should amplify your confidence. Colleagues may even comment that you are glowing! 

By Saturday, February 24, you may have met financial goals and seen a positive difference in your money matters during the full moon in Virgo. 

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