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aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of December 5, 2021

Week of December 5, 2021

Aquarius, does it feel like you will only get so far in your career? Be prepared to challenge that notion this week!

Starting on Sunday, December 5, Mars will sextile Pluto, harmoniously linking your professional sector of career and achievement to your hidden sector of talents and weaknesses. The sextile encourages you to emerge from the shadows and show the world how much you can radically transform in your career path. Be prepared for a boost of ambition to reach your goals, potentially even knocking some competition out of your way throughout this short transit. Just as you feel like you are riding a productive high, Mars meets Jupiter in a square. The square will last the majority of the week, indicating that you have a few problems to work through before being immensely successful. The square will undoubtedly slow down your productivity. Although you are driven, you need to have direction and an end goal in mind to make the most of your energy. You may also find that you cannot gain the upper hand through sneaky power plays. Plainly speaking, you will have to strategize with honesty and endurance to be successful in achieving your professional goals.