Month of Nov 2018: You know your limits, so don't be afraid to do as much as you feel is appropriate. Don't check your progress every day. Let it accumulate and look back with pleasure at your improvement.

Get into your workout gear early on November 1 and have a pleasant run or yoga session. The second and third are your power days, with the moon in Virgo. You can make great progress with minimal effort now, so don't skip.

Body pump or do more steps on November 8, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. You're moving now! The next day, the moon conjoins Mercury and Venus trines Mars. Shoot hoops at the gym or spot and be spotted in the weight room.

Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde on the sixteenth. Run or walk your own route and be smarter about every step. Swim, do water aerobics, or just hot tub it the next day, when the moon conjoins Neptune.

Work out early and eat a healthy meal on November 22, Thanksgiving Day. Be grateful for good health and progress. The sun conjoins Jupiter on Sunday. Reset your goals and keep improving.

On the twenty-seventh, the sun and Jupiter conjoin Mercury. Do more steps or go farther or longer if you can. Fantastic!

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