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Month of Mar 2019: Mercury turning retrograde in emotional Pisces could take a toll on your nerves this month. You aren’t an emotional sign by any stretch of the imagination, but with your ruler Mercury in Pisces, you could be more on edge than usual. You may be more prone to bad moods and impatience. Take care of these bad moods at the gym. Remember, endorphins make you happy!

When things get too disorganized, focus on doing something soothing like yoga or meditation. You’ve always been a health nut, but it’s okay to take a break from your rigorous fitness routine for some self-care. Find health and strength in the great outdoors. Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6 and will bring major changes in the next seven years, but as an earth sign, it will help you rediscover the power of nature and revitalize your health.

Luckily, the full moon in Libra on the spring equinox will bring some peace, stability, and balance into your life, which has lately been overrun by Pisces. This is the perfect time to get back into your regular workout routine and get plenty of sleep. You’ll need it.

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