July 2018: Enjoy the summer fun and the shopping for seasonal favorite foods. Health and fitness are not purely about diet, but diet is a huge and sometimes overlooked part of it. Indulge your appetite - in sports and in eating - and get healthier day by day. Feel fit on July 1, and prove it in your aerobics or yoga practice. Drink water.

On the Fourth of July, join the volleyball game or the holiday fun run. Now it's healthy picnic or barbecue time. Salads, fruits, and cool drinks. Have a breakthrough session on the fifth when the sun trines Jupiter. Powerlift more or do more steps or stairs.

The sun trines Neptune on July 8. What is your ideal weight or size? You're getting there. Get lost in your cardio or dance class on July 12. Or try a new yoga style or different machine at the gym. It's the new moon plus eclipse.

The fifteenth and sixteenth are your power days with the moon in Virgo. Try that kickboxing class. Wear your protective gear. The sun enters Leo on the twenty-second. Put more playfulness in your workout. Salsa or jazz class. Mercury goes retrograde three days later. Buckle down and gently push yourself. You're making great progress!

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