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Month of Sep 2019: You love setting goals, Virgo, it’s kind of your thing. You’ll stick with any task until it’s completed. If you can’t seem to drag yourself to the gym, maybe it’s time to switch up your routine. Whether you’re making some dietary changes or trying new machines, a simple switch can do wonders for your morale. Mercury and Venus are leaving your sign in favor of Libra on September 14. Honor the air sign by exercising outside while the weather is nice. Maybe do some apple picking?

Okay, Virgo, we know you’re not the most flexible sign in the zodiac, but you’re gonna have to bend just a little. Jupiter squares Neptune on the twenty-first, which might wreck your perfectly scheduled plans. Take a deep breath and let it go, or sweat it out in the sauna.

As the month comes to an end, you’ll get a burst of energy on September 23 when the sun enters Libra. You’ll feel like you can run a marathon, but let’s try a few laps around the track. Get back into nature on the twenty-eighth when the new moon is in Libra. The crisp fall air will give you a welcome boost of endorphins.

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