May 2018: Nothing stands in your way to becoming healthier and fitter. Keep exercise on your daily to-do list and show up. You've got this down.

Get up on May 1 ready for your run or favorite aerobics routine. Once you start, you won't stop.

Do more steps on the second. The moon trines Mercury now.

Don't be indecisive on May 5. Stick to your routine, burn those calories, and get ready to party healthy. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

On the tenth, do your workout or run and then hot tub it. The moon conjoins Neptune today.

Run, skip rope, or bike early on May 13, then enjoy some family time and food. It's Mother's Day, and Mercury enters Taurus.

Try a healthy new food or recipe on the fifteenth. Uranus enters Taurus now. Skip the crazy fad diets, though, okay?

Have more outdoor fun when the Sun enters fun-loving Gemini on May 20.

The twenty-first and twenty-second are power days with the moon in Virgo. Rock the gym or pile up the steps.

Memorial Day is May 28. Hit the beach or pool and then have a healthy picnic or cookout.

Power body pump as Mercury enters Gemini on the twenty-ninth. You're rockin' it!

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