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Month of Jun 2019: The summer season kicks off nice and easy for you, Virgo. When Mercury enters Cancer on June 4, you’ll be feeling much lighter. Take things slowly by going on nice, long walks with your friends or meditating in nature. Cooking and nutrition will be important to you this month, too. This would be the perfect opportunity to host a dinner party for all your fitness friends to kick off the summer.

Unfortunately, Venus entering Gemini on the eighth threatens to ruin your summer fun. Things are just moving way too fast for you. Everything is up in the air and nothing feels certain. This shaky environment could cause some inner turmoil. Focus on your mental health during this time. Meditate in a quiet place, get a deep tissue massage, or start journaling. Whatever helps you keep calm.

Thankfully, Cancer is here to help. On June 21, the sun enters Cancer, giving you a much-needed creative boost. On the longest day of the year, you’ll find that you have creative solutions to your problems and the ability to assert yourself. Focus your attention on your health. It will be a great start to the summer for you, Virgo.

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