Month of Jun 2020: You’re working out and feeling great about yourself, Virgo! Thanks to Vesta entering Cancer on June 3, you’re working up a sweat in the morning and sleeping like a baby at night. Do your research on your health and fitness goals during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fifth. Knowledge is power! The Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on June 10 will encourage you to try a wellness trend you swore you hated. Give it another chance. You might like it.

Put your fitness goals on a short pause to take care of yourself when Mercury retrogrades on the seventeenth. You deserve a break, Virgo. Don’t worry, you can see your progress clearly when the sun and the solar eclipse are in Cancer on June 20. You look great in a swimsuit and everyone should know. Keep doing research when Neptune retrogrades on the twenty-second, and contact a professional about your exercise, health, or nutritional goals. The more you know, the healthier you’ll be.

Try a new workout when Venus goes into direct on June 24. It could make your summer so much better. However, stick to your regular routine when Mars enters Aries on the twenty-seventh. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

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