September 2018: Eat better, rest better, and give your body what it needs. Healthy living doesn’t mean depriving yourself of what keeps you happily on track. Have a solid workout or run or walk on September 1. Is it a long weekend for you? Go somewhere special, keep moving, and remember to have more fun.

Mercury enters Virgo on the fifth. Maybe try a new dance or yoga class, or put on the gloves and hit the bag. Fun, remember? Saturday and Sunday are power days for you with the moon in Virgo. Focus on fundamentals - good posture, and breathing. Make minor bike repairs, get new swim goggles, or do whatever else will improve your experience.

On September 11, the sun sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto. A strong but modest session in the weight room could work. Or do a nice, long power walk. Get out for more sun and fresh air on the weekend. Do the charity bike ride or fun run. Party and dance the night away. Count every step.

The sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra on September 22. Say goodbye to summer with a visit to the farmers’ market. The twenty-seventh and twenty-ninth are high-energy days. Pace yourself, but do your best. Excellent!

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