Monthly FitnessScope

There is great energy and motivation at your fingertips now, so don't let up. If you're thinking of starting, now is the time. When there's a strong emotional commitment, everything and anything is possible. Small efforts add up and quickly grow into bigger efforts.

Greet March 1 with a great run or video workout. Yoga, aerobics, or meditation are all good choices. The first and second are your power days with the moon in Virgo. Do it!

Visualize a stronger, healthier you on March 4. Baby steps count, too. You're not letting up. Be more ambitious and competitive on the sixth. Mercury moves into Aries now. Push yourself but respect limits.

Be diligent on March 10 and get more sleep. Does daylight savings time begin tonight for you?

The weekend of the seventeenth and eighteenth is for hard work, maybe a longer hike or walk on a beautiful trail.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 22, but your progress won't. Try a light, fun workout. Think perky music. The spirit is willing, but the body may complain on the weekend of the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth. Hot tub time and some pampering are permitted. You're working hard.

March 18 and March 19 are bonus power days. Finish the month strong!

Stellar Guidance


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