August 2018: Look great, feel great, and take great care of yourself. You're getting healthier and fitter with each and every workout. Don't doubt it. That includes rest and recovery days, too. You don't need flashy fast spurts of progress, although they can happen, too.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde as August begins, but those can be good things. Welcome August 1 with a vigorous run or aerobics workout. Drink more water. Eat well and feel great all day.

Get out on the fourth and fifth for sun and fresh air. Run, walk, bike, or inline skate on your favorite trails. Feast healthy with friends afterward. Shop healthy on August 8, or make your list for the farmers’ market. Buy what pleases you most as well as what is healthiest. Think local and fresh salads, fruits, and juices.

Mars enters Capricorn on August 12. Bump up the step count and smile. The twelfth and thirteenth are your power days with the moon in Virgo. Persist!

Mercury goes direct on August 18. Be patient about progress. You're doing it. The sun enters Virgo on the twenty-second. Enjoy your run or swim more than ever. Mars goes direct on August 27. It's an energy boost from the sky!

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