Monthly FitnessScope

Be smart and don't feel like you're working in isolation to become fitter and healthier. Plenty of other people are fighting the good fight to improve their health and fitness. Everyone has private, important reasons, and you have yours. Do the physical work and feel good about taking good care of yourself.

February 1 and February 2, with the Moon in Virgo, are your power days. Start the month on solid ground with a good run or aerobics workout.

Feel and look great on the third and fourth. Run or hike with a fun group or go out and dance the night away. Square dance or contra dance counts.

On February 7, learn a simple, fundamental trick or movement and make great progress.

Try a new class or change your jogging route on the thirteenth.

The solar eclipse on February 15 might scramble your workday, so try to exercise early if you can. Nothing can stop you.

On the seventeenth, relax, try a bit less hard, and have a great yoga or weights class.

February 20 is for strength and stamina work. Slow and steady is good. You're building muscle and lung capacity. Excellent.

The last two days of the month are great hot tub days. Splendid!

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