Month of Oct 2018: Push hard to be healthier and fitter. It might not be a physical effort. You can develop a stronger mental attitude, too. Accept fewer excuses and get a bit more disciplined. Rest days are part of the plan, too, so you can push harder tomorrow.

On October 1, do your run, walk, or aerobics video and glow all day long. Mercury squares Pluto the next day, but that won't derail you. Stay on schedule.

Venus goes retrograde on the fifth. Focus better and spend more time on your personal favorite exercise. Elliptical? Stationary bike? Walk the track?

October 6 and October 7 are power days for you with the moon in Virgo. The only one to judge your progress is you. Mercury enters Scorpio on the ninth and opposes Uranus on the tenth. You know what you need to do to keep getting stronger and build stamina. Every step matters.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction on October 15 injects more fun into your yoga or dance class. Feel free to make whatever changes make you happy. Look great and feel greater under the full moon on the twenty-fourth.

Don't push too hard on October 29 when Mercury conjoins Jupiter. Mercury enters Sagittarius the next day. Exercise time is party time!

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