Month of Dec 2018: Stay motivated and do what you can, day by day. It will add up faster than you think. Eat well, sleep well, and don't ask your body to run on empty.

Start out serious on December 1 when Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio. Do your run, walk, or aerobics workout, no excuses.

Don't be a daredevil when Mercury retrograde trines Chiron on the third. On December 6, Mercury goes direct and it will gradually get easier to make progress. Go slowly for now, though. Mercury trines Chiron again on the ninth. Step it up, but don't get frisky. Your ankles and knees say thank you.

On December 12, Mercury enters Sagittarius. Do the bigger class, run with the jogging club, or dance more. You're really moving. Be energized on the fifteenth and sixteenth, and do a longer run or swim. The day after can be a light day.

On December 21 and December 22, shopping for food and last-minute gifts can give you all the exercise you need.

Work out early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, then celebrate the gift of better health and fitness.

December 27 and December 28 are your power days with the moon in Virgo. Work it! Happy, healthy 2019, here you come!

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