Week of Jan 18, 2021: Trust issues may be building up around your workplace as the week begins. The moon in your eleventh house of networking will square off with Venus in your intense eighth house, revealing that not every colleague might have your back. Pay attention to people when they reveal themselves and don’t let their shady behavior knock you off your center.

By January 20, you will be called to rest and reflect as the moon transits your spiritual twelfth house. However, as Mars and Uranus also join forces in that same house, you may find yourself going deeper and connecting the dots in brilliant new ways. An unexpected revelation may point you in a new direction. Trust your intuition. By January 22, the moon will form a trine with Pluto in your eighth house of merged energies, inspiring you to make a commitment that runs deep.

By January 23, Mars will square Jupiter in your expansive ninth house, which could potentially push you to enroll in a class or higher education program that unlocks untapped power within you. Don’t judge yourself for how behind you are. As the sun-Saturn conjunction in your ninth house settles into place, it will reveal how much work lies ahead, but it will also share a glimpse of the reward that waits at the finish line.

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