gemini Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of June 27, 2021

Week of June 27, 2021

Your communication and negotiation skills are receiving a boost this week. On June 27, Venus will activate your talkative third house, helping you hone in on your social and intellectual talents. In fact, by June 28, a conversation could lead to a major breakthrough as Mars in your chatty third house forms a sextile with the North Node in Gemini. Envision your idea of self-improvement and learn about what it takes to get to where you want to be.

However, your options may feel somewhat limited as Mars opposes Saturn in your expansive ninth house. This could leave you feeling pessimistic about where you’re headed next. It could also make it harder to look outside the box. By July 2, Mars will form a trine with Chiron in your visionary eleventh house, encouraging you to see beyond the obstacles standing in your way.

You may be changing your mind a lot by July 3. As Mars squares off with Uranus in your twelfth house of the subconscious, your gut instinct may tell you to go in a completely different direction. Give yourself time to process these revelations instead of making a rash decision. You don’t need to rush before you’re truly certain.