gemini Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of June 13, 2021

Week of June 13, 2021

You may be concocting passive ways to make more money this week begins. On June 13, Venus in your financial sector will sextile Uranus in your twelfth house of the subconscious, encouraging you to brainstorm streams of income that require little work. However, you may feel somewhat disconnected from your professional goals as the sun in Gemini squares off with Neptune in your ambitious tenth house—leading you to feeling directionless. Big ideas take time to unfold. Give yourself that time.

In fact, you may need to extend that waiting period even further… because on June 14, Saturn in your expansive ninth house will square Uranus in your imaginative twelfth house. This may leave you feeling as though you can’t fully understand the concept you’re currently working on. It coyly feels like a piece of crucial information is missing for the time being. It may be wiser to hold off until you uncover what that is.

You may feel further dazed by June 17, when the moon in your fourth house of the home opposes Neptune in your career sector, zapping away your energy. However, a creative burst is coming together, and by June 18, the moon in your artistic fifth house will trine the North Node in Gemini, encouraging inspiration to sweep through you.