Week of Jan 11, 2021: Prepare for a mind-blowing moment as the week begins. On January 11, Mercury and Jupiter will join forces in your philosophical ninth house—encouraging you to think positively about a situation you may have previously been overanalyzing. However, it won’t be easy for this mentality to sink in as Mercury squares off with Uranus in your twelfth house of undoing. Make sure to take notes or leave a reminder about your ideas.

The new moon on January 13 will be a beautiful time to make a deeper commitment to your career. Landing in your eighth house of transformation, what deadweight are you ready to let go of? What skills are you ready to master? Growth comes with a sacrifice, so make sure it’s one you’re ready to make. Fears may set in as Mars in your subconscious twelfth house squares off with Saturn in your ninth house of perspective. Try to have faith in the future—in what things can be.

You’re gaining strength by the end of the week. On January 14, the sun-Pluto conjunction in your eighth house of rebirth is pushing you through the darkness. Let adversity make you stronger.

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