Week of Jan 25, 2021: It may feel hard to get your work done in a linear fashion as the week begins. On January 26, the sun in your sixth house of routine will square with Uranus in your spontaneous ninth house, encouraging interferences and perspective shifts that could take you away from a carefully laid plan. Harness these interruptions and view them as creative opportunities. In fact, by January 28, the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your creative fifth house could lead to an artistic epiphany if you’re open to it.

Try not to put too much on your plate as the week continues. January 28 is also when the full moon in Leo radiates through your spiritual twelfth house, encouraging a moment of rest and introspection. As the full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your productive sixth house, you may feel especially disconnected to your work. Take time to rethink the way you’re going about your work and brainstorm ways to inject it with excitement.

However, by January 30, you might feel totally overwhelmed with your responsibilities. Mercury will station retrograde in your sixth house, revealing the true source of your disorganization and procrastination. Use this time to play catch up on projects you may have left unfinished in the past.

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