Virgo Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of February 18, 2024

What do you want to commit to in your work life, Virgo? Reflect on who you want to work with and what you want to focus on when the sun enters Pisces on Sunday, February 18. Your professional commitments, contracts, and partnerships will be in focus throughout Pisces season. So, this could be the perfect time to seek out something new if you want to change who you work with. You may even feel inclined to negotiate any ongoing arrangements. 

It might be scary to make these changes since Chiron in Aries will conjunct the North Node in Aries and oppose the South Node in Libra the following day. But if you are willing to try something new, then you may feel more professionally empowered. Changes in your professional arrangements could even lead to greater financial fulfillment! 

As your workweek continues, you may feel called to solidify your work life and routine when Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Mars in Aquarius. The action-packed conjunction could lead to taking some commitments off your plate and disconnecting from certain coworkers. By the full moon in your sign on Saturday, February 24, you should feel confident to take on anything in your work life!

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