Virgo Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 30, 2024

What do you want to be committed to, Virgo? You may have a slow but sure realization about your professional commitments and partnerships after Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday, July 2. The following months could be eye-opening as you realize what you do and do not like about your professional arrangements. You may even figure out that something sneaky is going on that needs to be rectified. 

As this unfolds, you may want to listen to your intuition as Mercury enters Leo. The Mercurial energy will have a subconscious influence, so your sixth sense might tell you something about your work life or coworkers. 

Something may even slip as soon as the following day when Mercury in Leo opposes Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. The opposition will encourage you to see something or someone for what it is in your work life. It might be an intense realization, so take it easy. 

Toward the end of your workweek, you might feel differently about your professional dreams and aspirations as the new moon in Cancer pops up on Friday, July 5. The new moon will begin a new six-month cycle that could help you make progress with your professional dreams. 

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