Virgo Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of May 15, 2022

Week of May 15, 2022

Virgo, your and your professional commitments are in for one exciting week!

You might be thinking about the long-term arrangements that you have with your working relationships and current obligations when the sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 15. Some of your current colleagues, supervisors or even clients could influence a new chapter in your career path. You should consider committing to new adventures that offer educational and travel opportunities to progress in your career. Then there will be a full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio the following day, drawing a dramatic close to ongoing conversations and interpersonal relationships. Your immediate workgroup may change during the eclipse, potentially re-aligning you with different people. Your conversations will be infused with intensity and secrecy, so be careful! A few days later, you may feel optimistic when taking inspired, intuitive action in your professional commitments as Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. But make sure that you have a clear objective or know what you are getting into so that Neptune’s elusive energy does not confuse you. By Friday, May 20, the sun will enter Gemini and ignite your professional curiosity. Explore potentially varying career paths during Gemini season!

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