gemini Weekly Horoscope for Week of October 24, 2021

Week of October 24, 2021

This week, life is a bit of a roller coaster. But, Gemini, you can handle the excitement.

The week begins on Sunday, October 24, with Mercury in Libra, in your house of romance, making an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of secrets. Gemini, suddenly a secret is revealed, and this throws a romantic relationship (or the desire for one) upside down. You may find out the person you're interested in is back with their ex, or perhaps they never left the person in the first place. Now you must rethink your plans before moving forward.

On Monday, October 25, the sun in Scorpio, in your house of work, makes an inconjunct to the North Node in your own sign of Gemini. It's time to use your creative mind to think of ways to make your job more interesting. Gemini, you have an inner need for variety and growth. Doing the same thing over and over can bore you to tears. If you've decided to stay in this job, you'll have to find a way to challenge yourself.

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