gemini Weekly Horoscope for Week of May 16, 2021

Week of May 16, 2021

This week, you can tell truth from fiction. Gemini, an offer you receive may just be smoke and mirrors.

The week begins on Monday, May 17, with the sun in Taurus making a trine to Pluto in your house of resources from others. Today, you are able to mobilize resources for your benefit. You can get loans, scholarships, or grants. This is a perfect day to do the application, even if the final decision comes weeks later. Focus on getting things submitted today.

On the same day, Venus, in your own sign of Gemini, makes a conjunction with the North Node in your house of self-interest. The North Node represents your life path, and right now, your charisma is high. You are attracting people to you who could be helpful, including potential friendships and possibly love.

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You’re exploring your emotional depth this week. On May 17, the sun in your spiritual twelfth house will trine Pluto in your intimate eighth house, encouraging you to connect with a lover emotionally and soulfully. Sometimes, the truth can’t be communicated through words, but feelings. Allow these feelings to be intuitively discovered.

Your relationships may change as you change. May 17 is also when Venus will join forces with the North Node in your sign, encouraging you to embrace the person you’re meant to be. The relationships...

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Monday brings something huge that will sweep you off into some new adventure. You'll love it, but you might crave a little downtime. You'll have your chance midweek when you'll feel like sleeping all day and might be a little ticked off at that one friend of yours who keeps buzzing. Just before the weekend kicks in, you'll want to check your head over what it is that you really want. Stay focused on that throughout Saturday and Sunday, and don't let yourself be distracted by anyone, no matter how hot they are.