Gemini Weekly Horoscope for Week of June 26, 2022

Week of June 26, 2022

This week, open your arms and you could receive much. 

The week begins on Monday, June 27, with Mars in Aries and your house of community making a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. People are lining up to help you. However, they seem to be offering things that you don’t want or assistance that isn’t useful to you. It’s like you’re hoping for dessert and you’re offered turnips instead. There’s nothing nefarious here, no power play in action. Gemini, this is just the Universe’s way of saying you have to be clear when you ask others for what you want.

On Tuesday, June 28, the sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries and your house of friendships. It is also a new moon. A couple of friends could treat you to dinner, or you might attend a celebration with them. Hanging out reminds you that your friends are interesting, quirky and spontaneous. And they are there for you just when you need them.

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You'll likely feel unsure about the future and how deeply you want to commit to someone midweek due to the new moon. Don't let anyone pressure you into moving forward with them, and remember that it's okay to stand still during moments of uncertainty. The twenty-eighth will bring a significant shift your way. You'll feel more in tune with what you want during this cosmic climate, and the universe will push you to follow your gut. This energy will act as an accelerant to your goals, plans, and relationships. So, if something doesn't feel right,...

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You're trying something that makes you nervous, and for the first half of the week you have no excuse not to really give it your full attention. Impress you-know-who by observing them closely. Then, on Thursday and Friday, do something that really rattles their expectations. Jumping out of a cake would be a bit too much (not to mention a bit messy!), but too much is better than not enough. Do something hilarious. Something extreme. Once you've broken the proverbial ice, you can spend the weekend getting to know this person on a deeper level.