Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Week of April 7, 2024

This week, you’re reviewing your options.

The week begins on Monday, April 8, with a solar eclipse in Aries. You could make a decision today that changes your future. Gemini, you might visualize yourself a year or five years from now and know that you need to change something about what you’re doing today. You could be inspired by someone you barely know. And this new information is setting you on a different path.

On Tuesday, April 9, Venus in Aries makes a semisquare to Uranus in Taurus and your house of spiritual revelations. You might realize that a connection or relationship isn’t as solid as you want it to be. And you might feel quite indecisive about moving forward in this relationship or feel like moving out. This is a good time to look at both scenarios. And as you run through the options in your mind, you will gain insights and spiritual awareness.

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