gemini Weekly Horoscope for Week of July 11, 2021

Week of July 11, 2021

This week, quieter energy floats in. Gemini, you're like a surfer sitting on his board in the lull of the waves.

The week begins on Monday, July 12, with Mercury in Cancer making a trine to Jupiter in Pisces in your house of career. Today, work can go really well. You may receive some recognition for a report you did or how you handled a difficult customer. If you're looking for a job, you could have an excellent interview today and even get a job offer on the spot.

On Tuesday, July 13, Venus in Leo forms a conjunction with Mars in your house of communication. You may be tingling all over when you read a text from your sweetheart (or potential sweetheart if this is a new relationship). These words may send you into their arms. Today, you have a great opportunity to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with someone special. Gemini, if you're looking for love, use this good energy to reach out to someone you find attractive.

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Weekly Love

You may be feeling a little more confident and self-assured this week, thanks to the fact that Mercury is now transiting your second house of self-esteem as of July 11. When Mercury joins forces with Jupiter in your flashy tenth house on July 12, it may just cause our reputation to go viral. People will be talking about you and your popularity could soar. Don’t be surprised if your dating apps are getting way more hits and cuties are sliding into your DMs.

By July 13, your desire for sexy conversations may intensify as Venus joins...

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Weekly Work

As of July 11, Mercury will activate your second house of money, gearing yourself up to increase your income, tinker with your budget, and rethink your financial goals. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your ambitious tenth house on July 12, it’s time to think big. You could make some serious strides toward a career that is both satisfying and highly lucrative.

Your charismatic abilities are reaching new heights on July 13. As Venus and Mars form a conjunction in your third house of communication, you have the power to learn...

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Weekly Dating

Some weird stuff might go down at work or school Monday, but when it all shakes out you will realize that it was all a misunderstanding. Listen to what your friends are telling you midweek -- there's some spot-on advice that you would do well to heed. Patience will be a virtue for you in the latter half of the week, as weird obstacles pop up to slow you down, especially in the romantic arena. If you can wait them out, you'll find that Sunday brings more than you'd hoped for.