sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for Week of April 25, 2021

Week of April 25, 2021

Sagittarius, you have the tools and help. This week, the only thing in your way is your own brain.

The week begins on Sunday, April 25, with Mercury in Taurus forming a conjunction with Venus in your house of work. At the same time, Mercury makes a square to Saturn in your house of paperwork. Today, you may be reviewing a contract for employment or to engage in the services of a company. There are quite a few good provisions in the contract. However, it's likely one or two clauses could use some negotiation. And you could find the other party quite amenable to change.

On Tuesday, April 27, there is a full moon in Scorpio in your house of intuition. Your spider-sense is tingling today as you are picking up what people are feeling even through a video conference feed. Not much is getting by you as you watch facial expressions and gestures. Over the next two weeks, your intuition is telling you much about the people you're interacting with. Being mindful and studying this can help you keep this enhanced sixth sense long after this full moon energy has passed.

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Weekly Love

There may be a struggle for satisfaction in your love life as this week begins. On April 25, Venus and Mercury in your sixth house of service will square Saturn in your third house of communication. This could leave you or your partner feeling like there isn’t enough effort being put out there in the relationship. If you feel like the relationship is slipping down the list of your priorities, think about what the relationship could be. As the moon in your visionary 11th house forms a trine with Saturn, it will help you keep the future in mind...

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Weekly Work

You may feel overwhelmed with work this week. On April 25, the Venus-Mercury conjunction in your sixth house of daily routine will square off with Saturn in your third house of communication, which could make you feel like no matter how much work you’re doing, more work is being piled onto you. Enlisting the help of your colleagues could go a long way, as the moon in your social eleventh house forms a trine with Saturn. This is reminding you that this is a team effort.

However, you may want to reserve time for yourself as the full...

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Weekly Dating

You can figure out almost anything early this week, so if there's a hottie who's more of a puzzle than anything, get busy on the case. Be wary of folks who approach you midweek even if they look totally harmless. One of them wants a lot more than they're asking for. Your roommates will ask you to be more flexible on Thursday, and if you pull it off, you'll be the hero for a while. Good luck will follow you everywhere this weekend, and if you swallow your doubts and take a risk, it should pay off in a big way.