sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for Week of October 17, 2021

Week of October 17, 2021

This week, you're feeling charitable. Sagittarius, you are a gift to the world.

The week begins on Sunday, October 17, with the sun in Libra, in your house of friendships, making a square to Pluto in Capricorn in your house of finances. A friend may ask for a loan for their new business. But today's not the best day for an investment. Let this person know you need to consider what they've said. Take your time to mull it over and pray about it.

On Tuesday, October 19, Mercury goes direct in Libra. Sagittarius, today you may know exactly what to say to your friend to preserve the friendship without getting yourself entangled in their plans to start a chinchilla farm or party bus business.

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Weekly Love

Setting boundaries with your loved ones will prove to be difficult at this moment in time, as you aren’t adhering to the rules you’ve set with them. Remember, you have to play by the same set of rules and regulations you dish out to others to achieve what you want.  The moment Mercury ends its planetary retrograde on October 18, you will begin to see the shifts in all these partnerships. Although you give all to others, that doesn’t mean that they have to take what you give without reciprocating. 

 Yes, you are a generous person and...

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Weekly Work

As of this week, you may see a change of luck in your professional dreams and connections, Sagittarius!

Beginning on Monday, October 18, both Mercury and Jupiter station direct. Mercury brings back balance to your professional community, particularly with any miscommunication between connections. Mercury can also alleviate any mental stressors regarding your professional aspirations and dreams. It may be easier to follow a dream moving forward! Meanwhile, Jupiter brings back a bit of luck with your communication skills. Together,...

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Weekly Dating

What's all that racket as the week begins? That's the sound of everybody laughing and having an insanely good time -- with you, of course, as the center of attention. Drink in the attention on Monday and Tuesday, and make all your wishes known. Don't be surprised to find your head in the clouds on Wednesday and Thursday. All that dreaminess should prove illuminating in the long run, but it might leave you feeling kind of shy at the moment. On Friday and Saturday, don't feel bad about dropping everything to hang out with friends. Originality is...

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