Aug 27, 2018: Follow your mood as the week begins. You might not be on the same page as everyone else on Monday, but that mix in energies and perspectives could generate some interesting (and challenging!) new ideas. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, take every chance to take a gamble. Luck is on your side right now, and risk-taking is that fastest route to rewards -- whether that's material gains, intellectual advances or just having some plain, old fun. On Friday and Saturday, show some caution. You need to attend to details before rushing ahead (which might sound boring, but you'll be glad you did). This Sunday, feel the love. Everyone's affection for you is obvious.

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Grounding Elements -

Songs for Spell Casting, Lucid Dreaming, and Practical Magic

As we prepare for the full moon in Pisces, a series of trines set us up for some serious magic.

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