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pisces Horoscope

Week of Jul 1, 2019: You’ll feel a burst of gung-ho energy that you can apply to stepping up your fitness efforts while action-oriented Mars moves through your sixth house of wellness from July 1 to August 17. You’re driven to be your own advocate and ask hard-hitting questions to get ahead of any health concerns. You’ll also want to push yourself at the gym or learn more about clean eating. As long as any of these possible routines feel right in your gut and boost your vitality, go ahead and embrace it!

Around July 2, when the new moon and total solar eclipse activates your fifth house of romance, you’ll be compelled to express what’s in your heart, perhaps in a creative way. You’ll find that by striving to be especially present, joyful, and fun-loving now, you’ll learn a sweet, valuable lesson.

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