Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Week of April 2, 2023

This week, a beneficial partnership can form.

On Monday, April 3, Mercury in Taurus and your house of rules and beliefs squares Pluto in Aquarius and your house of routines and habits. Today, you could recognize that you’re in charge, and you might find a way to change an ingrained habit. A sudden realization about why you’re doing something could lead you to make a big change. Or you might adopt some habit-stacking techniques that set you on a positive new trajectory.

Mercury in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces and your house of relationships on Wednesday, April 5. Virgo, you and your sweetheart might be talking about getting more serious in your relationship. You might start to see each other exclusively, even changing your status on social media. It’s possible you’re talking about moving in together or sharing some financial obligations like buying property. And for some Virgo natives, you might decide to make the leap and get engaged.

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