sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for the Week of July 25, 2021

Week of July 25, 2021

This week, you move from being the student to the teacher. Sagittarius, someone needs your wisdom.

The week begins on Sunday, July 25, with Mercury in Cancer, in your house of resources, making an opposition to profit-motivated Pluto in your house of money. Today, you could have a breakthrough, a visceral understanding of how to reach your financial goal. You may suddenly rework your finances from top to bottom. You might take a vow of frugality until debts are paid. You could focus your energy on achieving the biggest sale in your career. Dust off your shoes, Sagittarius. You're heading for the big leagues.

On Tuesday, July 27, Mercury enters the sign of Leo and begins traveling through your house of knowledge. It will now forms an inconjunct with Jupiter in Pisces in your house of home and family. You may not feel you're getting full support from your family for your new financial or career plans. They may warn you that the road you're taking is risky or that they don't believe you have the chutzpah to do it. They are tapping into their own fears. It's not necessary to buy into this rhetoric.

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Weekly Love

As this week begins, you may feel more protective of your space and your boundaries than usual. On July 25, Mercury in your eighth house of merged energies opposes Pluto in your second house of values, which could make you crave intimacy just as much as you’re feeling fearful of it. Your emotions could feel easily triggered, so go slowly and take things with a grain of salt.

However, you may start to feel more hopeful and optimistic by July 27. Mercury will enter your expansive ninth house, making it feel easier to take a chance on...

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Weekly Work

You may feel tempted to do something drastic with your money this week. As Mercury in your eighth house of investments opposes Pluto in your second house of disposable income on July 25, a lofty financial opportunity may arise and prompt action. This could be a major step to take, so really think it through, and beware of opportunists who may only be looking to take advantage of you.

Once Mercury enters your ninth house of wisdom and expansion on July 27, you may find yourself becoming more interested in intellectual pursuits. This...

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Weekly Dating

Keep it down low and quiet on Monday so you don't rile up roommates or your boss or -- worst of all -- your sweetie. No matter how bad it gets, though, things will pick up in a big way on Tuesday. Expect good fun everywhere you go. As the week moves on, you might start to think about big issues and take time out for planning the next few steps in your career or love life. Relax on Sunday and just let the good times come your way as you know they should.