Jun 11, 2018: You've got that trademark foreigner's charm as the week begins -- others will be mystified by your exotic ways and attracted to your fresh perspective. Pack your Monday with activity to make the most of it. By midweek, your finances could get tight if you're not careful. Be adaptable and creative -- you don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun, right? Later in the week, like-minded souls will seek you out for witty conversation and philosophical debate. Have fun and tackle intellectual ideas, but be a good guest, too: don't let that talk get too sober and serious. On Sunday, attend to correspondence, especially with your family. (Remember them? You know, the folks back home.)

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Grounding Elements -

Tune into the Transits with These Sultry Sounds for the Summer Solstice

Let this week’s playlist help you tune into the energy that’s all around you.

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