Jun 25, 2018: Ready for action? You better hope so, because as the week begins, you'll find it. Fortunately, you'll have the enthusiasm and energy to match any adventure that comes your way. On Tuesday and Wednesday, expect some confusion and indecision. Now might be a good time to try a secluded side trek, just to get some space to think. Towards the end of the week, your travels will bring you into contact with new people and novel ideas. Enjoy the intellectual challenge and give as good as you get. On Saturday and Sunday, focus more on making plans than putting them into action.

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5 Super Magical Rituals to Honor Summer Solstice 2018

The first day of Cancer season falls on the same day as summer solstice this year! Balance out the masculine and feminine energies of the sun and the moon with these 5 powerful rituals.

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