The Devil & Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards have been used for centuries to provide insight into the past, present, and future. Through their symbolism and meaning, the cards give us a glimpse into our own psyche and the world around us. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of The Devil and Queen of Pentacles.

The Devil

The Devil is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards in the Major Arcana. Many people view it as representing evil or temptation, but in reality, it symbolizes our own inner demons and struggles with addiction or unhealthy behaviors. The Devil reminds us that we have the power to overcome these challenges and make positive changes in our lives.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is a card of abundance, prosperity, and security. She represents a strong, nurturing woman who is deeply connected to the material world and finds joy in providing for herself and others. This card encourages us to tap into our own inner strength and resources to create a stable and fulfilling life.

Their Meaning Together

When The Devil and Queen of Pentacles appear in a reading together, it suggests a struggle between our desires and our responsibilities. The Devil may indicate that we are succumbing to negative habits or behaviors that are keeping us from achieving our goals. The Queen of Pentacles, on the other hand, encourages us to focus on practical matters and material success. This combination can also represent a need for balance between our material and spiritual needs. The Queen of Pentacles reminds us that while it's important to have financial stability and security, we must also take care of our inner selves and connect with our spiritual purpose. The Devil challenges us to confront our own demons and overcome unhealthy patterns of behavior in order to achieve this balance.


The combination of The Devil and Queen of Pentacles in a Tarot reading represents a struggle between our material desires and spiritual needs. It encourages us to find balance between these two aspects of ourselves and confront any negative habits or behaviors that are holding us back. With the guidance of these cards, we can tap into our own inner strength and resources to create a fulfilling and prosperous life.