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April 2017
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Sometimes you just get how important it is to become fitter and healthier. If there's an improvement for your diet or sleep schedule, you're willing to do it. The changes might not be long term, but you will feel proactive and better about your progress and dedication. That matters a lot. The 1st and 2nd should be an easy weekend to get out for some spring fun. See the flowers or bike on your favorite trail. On the 4th, stubbornness at work or at home could keep you from making the gym on time. Go anyway. The 8th and 9th are your weekend days to romp. Is the hiking club going somewhere new? Keep moving and enjoy the sunshine. Get serious on the 12th and swim a few more laps. Or do some water aerobics on your own. Is Easter weekend (the 15th and 16th) a holiday for you? Visit a garden or park. Count your steps and count calories, too. Chocolate eggs for breakfast? Please, no. Eat better on the 19th and 20th. Proteins and salads make a meal all by themselves. Soak and soothe any soreness on the 23rd. Look back on the 28th and be surprised by all your progress!

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