Monthly FitnessScope

Happy New Year! Last year was great but it's over now. Have a clear view of where you are, what your condition is, and how you want to proceed. Better health and fitness are the goals, and you understand that incremental progress is what works best. You can be ambitious and make a sacrifice here or there without exhausting yourself.

On January 1, get into your new yoga pants and stretch the body. Every muscle is thanking you. Is the third a dance day? If not, it's still about full-body motion. Even when working with weights, your whole body is involved. You're doing great.

January 5 and January 6 are your power days with the moon in Virgo. Do your best. It'll be easy. Be strong and ambitious on the sixth when Mars and Jupiter are conjoined in Scorpio. Excellent. Pour a little wild passion into your run or equipment workout when the sun conjoins Pluto on January 9. Not too wild, okay?

Be strong and steady on the sixteenth. More steps, maybe another lap or two? Good. Make a certain move better on January 24. Hah! Find a new instructor or workout buddy on the last two days of the month. You're going strong!

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