Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Month of May 2024

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Virgo, this is an exciting month full of all kinds of opportunities on the horizon. The sun in Taurus and your sector of far horizons until May 20 brings the chance for change, adventure, and exciting new developments. With lovely Venus also in this sector, your appetite for life will increase, and you’ll be eager to take in new sights and sounds as you weave the challenge of growth and wisdom into your goals and plans.

There’s a new moon in Taurus on the seventh that aligns with prudent Saturn, suggesting the chance to initiate an exciting project in collaboration with someone. Good things can happen when you make a commitment together, and your success can be more assured.

Chatty Mercury, your guide planet, enters Taurus on May 15, and its inquisitive and communicative qualities can find you eagerly seeking ideas and information that will propel you forward.

The emphasis shifts to Gemini with the sun moving in on the twentieth, and your focus moves to your career, goals, and ambitions. It’s time to stand in the spotlight and showcase your skills and abilities. Embrace the opportunity to wow those in positions of authority and make connections with influential people. You’ll be in demand, and the more you promote yourself and your experience, the better for you.

There’s a full moon in Sagittarius on May 23, and you might need to adjust your work/life balance to make sure you’re not falling short in key areas of your life. Time spent at home with your family can relax and reorient you and your priorities. You need time to unwind and relax too.

Finally, the big news for you this month is Jupiter’s move into Gemini and your career zone on the twenty-fifth, which can skyrocket your chances of success.

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