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Gemini Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 9, 2024

How can you handle your frustration better, Gemini? It might be time to be more mindful of how stressful coworkers and work situations impact you as Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, June 9. The Martian ingress will have a subconscious effect on your work life. You may have to be more mindful of how things affect you since you could feel overstimulated and burnt out. Consider being private about some of your goals and ambitions. 

Meanwhile, you may struggle to assert yourself when the sun in your sign squares Saturn in Pisces. It can be hard to be taken seriously, especially if a coworker or client is on a power trip. Stand your ground and affirm your professional boundaries to remain somewhat in control of your work life. 

The following few days might put into perspective how you can handle these interactions since Mercury in your sign will also square Saturn in Pisces. The second square will help you maneuver these tricky work conversations. However, it could help you figure out how you can communicate your thoughts, expectations, and boundaries in a professional setting. You may see a drastic improvement in your communication skills by the end of your workweek.

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