Virgo Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 2, 2024

What will you choose, Virgo? Your day-to-day work life is drastically changing, which could alter your career paths when Jupiter in Gemini trines Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on Sunday, June 2. The airy trine will encourage you to detach from anything no longer sufficient in your work life. It might be a job, habit, or routine. Letting go will be the key to your success since one of your potential professional paths is meant to take off. Do not be afraid to pivot in your career path and work life since it may lead to something more fulfilling. 

By the following day, you might have a few ideas about where one of your desired vocations could lead when Mercury enters Gemini. The Mercurial energy will encourage you to be open to talking about what you want to pursue and do. 

Later on, you may feel more self-assured about the changes you are making when Mercury in Gemini conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini on Tuesday, June 4. The cosmic energy could reinforce your confidence in what is unfolding in your career path. You could even solidify these changes by setting your intentions and manifestations during the new moon in Gemini!

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