Aquarius Daily Horoscope Yesterday

June 16, 2024

Your mind races with intuitive notions and divine inspiration this morning, Aquarius, as the Libra moon aligns with Chiron. Be mindful to channel these ideas creatively once the sun and moon connect midafternoon, putting you in the mood to create. Avoid online shopping sprees this evening when Mercury and Venus square off with Neptune, which could cause you to forget your budget. You'll be asked to focus on your health and wellness goals once Venus enters Cancer later tonight. Meanwhile, Luna's debut into Scorpio could lead to professional break thoughts just in time for the work week to begin.


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Daily Food Horoscope

You may look at foods such as kale as oddities, and wonder why anyone would eat them. If so, you are denying yourself something that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber and contains high levels of cancer-fighting indoles. Steam kale or sautee it in olive oil and garlic and you've got yourself a true power food!

Daily Home Horoscope

By mid-morning, you've already tripped over the hose, burnt the toast and mailed a stack of letters that were lacking stamps. Instead of getting frustrated, it may be wise to go back to bed for an hour and wake up all over again.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Your movements may be restricted, and you're not sure why. If you're stuck in the yard or put in your crate, you're probably being disciplined. Try to control yourself. Why bark and flail all day long?

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Gather all your stuff and rally the troops. Today is the big day. You all agree that you should spend more time together, and now you finally have the chance. It will be a blast.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You're the cruise director around the house or neighborhood today, and all kitties and others looking for fun are lucky to have you around! Get critters playing a game of your own devising.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Trust your first impression -- no matter how much other people disagree with it.