aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 15, 2021

April 15, 2021

Thursday’s skies uplift and enliven your spirits, Aquarius. This time of year points your focus toward your mental health and ability to communicate clearly. Plus, Thursday’s skies work to give you a platform to share your voice upon. The sun spends the day in a supportive alignment with dream-big Jupiter, making ideal circumstances for any kind of presentation or writing project. This boosts your natural charisma.

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Daily Love

Today's astro weather is tricky, but you have the divine resources to get through it, Aquarius. Good news is, Mars is activating your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and affection, and it's making a trine to Jupiter in your sign. And despite whether you're single or taken, this sizzling synergy is bestowing you with the courage and clarity to take action towards your desires, especially when regarding your feelings for someone. Keep in mind… the sun in your communication sector will also clash with smoldering Pluto in your karmic twelfth house of surrender. So, release what no longer serves you. This is especially true for those of you holding back from an important conversation.

Daily Work

Water-bearer, you will feel more clear-headed and mentally capable of breakthroughs today. You have had your head down for some time thanks to your work on a private project or idea. Now, you have the motivation to launch it. This is due to driven Mars in Gemini in your fifth house of self-expression forming a powerful aspect with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius. At this time, you can have much luck and growth if you are open with your innovative ideas. Be confident, Aquarius!

Daily Dating

Even if you have a really well-defined type, someone new and different could turn your head today. You might want to follow this up quickly. Your energy demands a bit of urgency to make things happen!

Daily Bonus

People just can't get enough of you; what else is new? Enjoy all the attention.