Aquarius Daily Horoscope

December 5, 2023

You'll have a knack for removing problems from your life today, dear Aquarius, as the Virgo moon inspires transformation. The more order you bring to your situation, the more empowered and in control you will feel. Allow your emotions and moments of enlightenment to guide you when Luna aligns with Uranus, heightening your intuition while nudging you to break free from the mold. Good vibes flow when Venus and Saturn align, and financial goals you set for yourself may show signs of fruition. Consider unwinding with a steamy shower or salt bath before bed when the moon and Neptune face off.

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Daily Food Horoscope

The family will be out of the house for the afternoon, and you can snatch a few hours of sweet freedom. So make the best of this time by watching a movie of your choice, playing air guitar to U2, or munching on that box of Belgian dark chocolate you have hidden away for just such an occasion.

Daily Home Horoscope

Homes present best when natural light is allowed in through sparkling clean windows and laundered curtains. You wouldn't dream of meeting a new person in any state but with your eyeglasses clean and your clothing impeccable, so an application of those qualities to your home is desirable.

Daily Dog Horoscope

If things around the doghouse have slowed down to the point of stopping, then it's on you to get things moving again. Being intolerable is but one trick in your bag. Try other ways to be convincing first.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Yeah, family, friends, and work are important, but lately, you've had the feeling that it's not enough. You want to make a difference -- you want to really help someone out. Well, why not? Go for it!

Daily Cat Horoscope

You're in the middle of something really big and might want to try to get some assistance from one or more furry friends. If you're on your own, don't fear -- you can bring your plans to life!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Get together for a quiet chat with a dejected friend. Help them share deep feelings.