aquarius Daily Horoscope for October 19, 2021

October 19, 2021

Tell your story, Aquarius! The universe is giving you the tools you need to do some smooth talking as the moon roams through self-directed Aries. Luna’s supportive alignment with bond-building Venus, making it easy to turn on the charm in group settings or when it comes to patching up rocky friendships. Later, the moon's meet-up with Jupiter provides your self-expression with a charismatic dazzle.

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Daily Love

Strike a pose, Aquarius. Venus continues to dazzle your eclectic eleventh house of friends, community, and sense of belonging in the world, harmonizing everything from your social media presence to your hopes, wishes, and dreams. In simpler terms, there are plenty of admirers looking your way, so dress to impress. More importantly, as the moon begins to reach its peak of fullness—via your curious third house of communication—you will likely experience some type of closure in this area of your chart, especially when it comes to your immediate exchanges. This could be as small as a double tap or as big as the answers you've been seeking.

Daily Work

Are you staying true to yourself in your career, Aquarius? As Mars trines Jupiter today, your morals, ethics, and values come into consideration where your job is concerned. Ideally, you are in a profession that speaks to your authenticity and belief system. For example, working for a company or being in a profession you believe in. As you consider this, think about whether your current profession speaks to who you are as a person. It could be time to get back to the basics to realign yourself with your professional purpose.

Daily Dating

You'd like to share the wealth of a recent accomplishment, so go for it! Make a difference in the life of another person. The new freedom you're enjoying is great, even if it's a little scary. Don't let a little fear hold you back.

Daily Bonus

Today will call for a big compromise. Be prepared to give more than you expect.