Libra Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

July 15, 2024

You'll need to draw clear lines within your relationships today, darling Libra, as the Cancer sun and Chiron square off. Though the process of implementing boundaries may not be a pleasant one, doing so will be necessary for moving ahead on the path toward healing. Now may also be a good time to examine your relationship with love and whether you have a habit of turning away support when you need it most. Take some time to focus on your wellness game and routines when the Scorpio moon blows a kiss to Saturn later tonight, asking you to fight for your best life.

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Expect one part of today to be as sloppy as a hot fudge sundae, while another part is as clean and unfettered as a shiny apple. It's your choice as to which you want to embrace today. The apple will be healthier for you, but it isn't as decadent or as fun as the sundae.

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A boost of confidence, in addition to some successful dieting strategies, has you considering a sexier-than-usual outfit. Go for it! The full-length mirror in the bathroom isn't lying. You really do look that good.

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When you were a puppy, you were constantly eating bigger and bigger portions. But now that you're a dog, your limits seem to be going backwards. That's a bitter pill to swallow, and you can admit to being depressed about it. This is where a bit of whining under the table comes in.

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Trust that hard-working brain of yours. You might feel a little overwhelmed by your options right now (at school and with friends), but don't worry. You'll make the right choice.

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Cook up some plans with the people who are always up for something nutty.