Libra Daily Horoscope

October 5, 2023

You may be called to act as a source of support for others, dear Libra, as the moon enters Cancer and your solar tenth house. The energy will be emotional yet controlled, helping you unpack complex emotions without becoming depleted or off balance. However, a harsh square between Luna and Mercury reminds you to set verbal boundaries when needed, drawing lines with anyone who might monopolize your time and energy or take your attention for granted. Don't hesitate to excuse yourself from draining situations or call in reinforcements when Saturn activates, urging you to focus on your work, chores, and personal responsibilities.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You can make a mundane day into something special simply by trying something new. It doesn't have to be extreme like skydiving or cobra wrangling. You're a simple person with simple tastes and crushed pistachios on top of your chocolate ice cream cone instead of jimmies will be just fine.

Daily Home Horoscope

When looks deceive you might find yourself face to face with something that frightens you. Meet the challenge head on and believe in yourself. You love the look of ivy climbing up a brick wall but cannot imagine the bugs beneath. They are just doing what nature intended.

Daily Dog Horoscope

No dog was meant to be self-sufficient, no matter what the characteristics of your particular breed are. Face it, you need your human as much as they need you. There, was that so hard?

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You're in charge in one way or another, and you really like how it's all going down. Get your people to chill out a little and cut you some slack as you figure out what comes next.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You've got all the greatest ideas about how to spend your time and your friends are all ears -- so lead the way! Play when it's playtime, eat when your meals are served and nap when you're tired. It's easy!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Go out with some good buddies you haven't seen for a while. You miss them!