libra Daily Horoscope for May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

Relationship matters are absorbing your attention today, Libra. The moon floats through excitable Aries, helping you tune into the undercurrent of your partnership story. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to face an important conversation or tell someone how you feel, look no further than Friday—as the emotional moon and rational Mercury meet eye-to-eye and help you express yourself in a balanced way.

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Daily Love

Your sweet planetary ruler, Venus, continues to wander through your sultry eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and energetic exchanges, adding a charming layer of intensity to everything from your sex life to the foundation of a significant union. Meanwhile, today's moon will shake up your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, one-on-one relationships, and significant others—highlighting the "give and take" of your current partnerships and “situationships.” Luna will also connect with chatty Mercury via your adventurous ninth house of expansion, inspiring you to take a leap of faith and/or explore horizons. Romantic opportunities are afoot, but the ball's in your court, Libra.

Daily Work

Keeping the balance is key, dear Libra. Difficulty in your career and work relationships can leave you feeling exhausted. There may be issues in avoiding each other’s point of view, thus delaying the progress of your projects or agreements. Watch out for arguments with the intense energy of the combative Aries moon in your collaboration sector. It’s forming a challenging aspect with emotional Mars in Cancer in your tenth house of career. Using your natural gift for harmony would be best.

Daily Dating

You need to make sure that you're being as socially active as possible. It's not just good for your mental health; it's also just one of those days when great things can happen if you mix it up!

Daily Bonus

You just feel good. You feel terrific. You feel fantastic. What a day!