Libra Daily Horoscope Yesterday

July 12, 2024

Frenemies could be in your midst as Venus and Pluto face off, Libra, and it would be wise to protect your energy around anyone who might harbor ulterior motives. Now may also be a good time to scrub your social media pages of any old posts that don't reflect who you are today, especially if you've gone through drastic changes recently. Meanwhile, the moon continues to move through your sign, aligning with the Nodes of Fate this afternoon. Use this energy to remember who you are while making room for others within your heart. Luck and spirituality go hand in hand when Jupiter activates this evening, so be sure to visualize important goals.

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Daily Food Libra Horoscope

You could make a few new friends at a social function tonight. It's about time, because you're really tired of your old ones. Invite your new mates to your flat tonight where you can bond over homemade baked ziti and garlic bread. If any of your old friends calls, just tell them they have the wrong number.

Daily Home Libra Horoscope

Everywhere you look these days, you seem to find sentimental reminders of the past. Photos, ornaments from childhood and especially, long-lost stories will be prevalent this week. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane, but be sure to also look toward the future.

Daily Dog Libra Horoscope

Everywhere you go, humans and other dogs respond well to you. The only drawback of the day is that you don't go far. Putting your shoulder into it won't help, either. Your best bet is making the most of each encounter.

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Daily Teen Libra Horoscope

Everything is great -- you've come a long way, and you can see that you've still got greatness coming. Anything you want can be yours if you keep at it.

Daily Cat Libra Horoscope

You're dealing with other cats in a new way today -- you may start out suspicious, but more and more you open up, so by the end of the day, you're almost certain to have made at least one new friend.

Daily Bonus Libra Horoscope

Habits can be crutches -- and you don't need any crutches. Break some today.