libra Daily Horoscope for May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

As a Libra, you prefer to take a level-headed approach to relationship matters. You’ve recently been asked to surrender to your more raw, unrefined feelings to explore what they have to say. Tuesday’s skies help you reclaim a more objective and optimistic approach to your romantic involvements, as the heady Aquarius moon aligns with bond-building Venus and growth-giving Jupiter. Later on, Luna slides into Pisces, directing your focus towards work matters.

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Daily Love

You just want to have fun—but at whose expense, Libra? Today's moon will touch down on your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and romance, adding an emotional layer to everything from your love life to your creative musings. Single or already attached, this lunar transit will typically increase your confidence levels and desire for self-expression. But by that same token, you could experience some friction as Luna will simultaneously clash with your planetary ruler, Venus. Dazzling your eighth house of intimacy, energetic exchanges, joint ventures, and soul contracts, some of you might already be in a relationship or a commitment of sorts—so, your loyalty may be tested.

Daily Work

Your creativity is on fire today, dear Libra. New and innovative ideas can come out of nowhere, requiring you to switch or change certain aspects of a project. Use this positive energy to get social with colleagues or collaborators and schedule a productive brainstorming session. The intelligent Aquarius moon is activating the planet of growth, Jupiter in your fifth house of self-expression. You will feel impassioned and motivated to lend your unique voice into the mix. Remember to be authentically you at this time.

Daily Dating

You have even more going on than usual in your very busy schedule, so squeeze it all in. The good news is that your energy is perfect for taking care of this kind of sweet madness!

Daily Bonus

You're breaking out of a shell. Stretch your butterfly wings and ditch the cocoon.