libra Daily Horoscope for May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021

Your lifestyle is on the brink of a major change, Libra. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance, moves forward into dreamy Pisces today. This transition brings expansive energy towards your current work circumstances while also helping you lean into supportive diet, exercise, and mindfulness routines. Use this energy to take on new projects, learn a new craft, or become more in sync with your body until July 28.

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Daily Love

If you don't take a risk, then you'll never know, Libra. Granted, with the sun igniting your sultry eighth house of intimacy, transformation, and soul contracts, taking a leap of faith for Mr. or Ms. Right could be somewhat intimidating. But the moon, Mercury, and your harmony-seeking planetary ruler, Venus, are here to save the day. Hovering over your exotic ninth house of adventure, experience, and unknown territory, you're feeling the pull to venture into the unknown, especially when it comes to your love life. Be sure to keep an open mind, as there could be an age difference or cultural differences.

Daily Work

Libra, the wavering back and forth is over. Growth-driven Jupiter is moving into it’s comfort zone in your sixth house of work, duty, and routine. You may have had a break, or moment away from your normal day, but now the cosmos are pushing you to come back. This is an auspicious time. You may feel renewed joy and passion for what you do for a living. Be open to new opportunities, especially if they can feed your creativity.

Daily Dating

You need to deal with a date-related situation. What an awesome day! Of course, you forgot to check your calendar and now you are double-booked. What to do? Go for personality over looks.

Daily Bonus

You might have too many ideas for your own good. Slow down and let others catch up.