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aquarius Horoscope

Month of May 2019: Mars is still in Gemini, allowing you to be inspired and enthusiastic about your fitness routine. Creative energy is simply flowing out of you this month. Use it to your advantage by applying it to your workout. Whether you change machines, classes, or even playlists, as long as you keep it fun and different, you’ll be reaching your goals in no time. No one would be surprised if you created a new exercise during this time, too.

Watch out for May 15! Mars moves from Gemini to Cancer, causing things to slow down and get a little emotional. Take this time to focus on your emotional and spiritual fitness. Check in with yourself and ask some deep and personal questions: How am I doing emotionally? What can I do to improve myself spiritually? What is holding me back? Fitness isn’t just about treadmills and muscles. It’s also about making sure your mind, body, and soul are well tuned and working correctly.

Tension melts away when the sun and Mercury enter Gemini on the twenty-first, letting things become lighthearted again. Put this playful energy to good use by going on a hike with your friends and becoming one with nature.

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