August 2018: Are you enjoying your standard, long-time exercise routine more? If so, experiment later and enjoy what's working. Tried-and-true exercises might satisfy more now. Go with the fun.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde during August, but you have this under control. Get up on August 1, suit up, and get moving. Run, walk, stretch, or do chair yoga or your favorite aerobics routine. The moon conjoins Uranus on third. If your routine gets disrupted, tomorrow will be better.

Uranus goes retrograde on August 7. You could have more control over your schedule and exercise regimen from now until the end of the year. Use every day! Visit the farmers’ market or produce stand on the twelfth and restock your healthy snack stash and home meal ingredients.

Mercury goes direct on August 18. Life and exercise get smoother. Hike, bike, or swim on the weekend and relax with a great smoothie and then meal. The twenty-third and twenty-fourth are your power days with the moon in Aquarius. The sun-Uranus trine on August 25 enlivens the whole weekend. Get outside if you can.

Mars goes direct on the twenty-seventh. Get ready to be more energetic and motivated. Longer walks, more time outside, being more active. Yes!

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