Month of Dec 2018: Keep working toward being more active. You can become stronger, healthier, and fitter. Some days it's hard work, but other days it may be a bit less hard. Show up and do what you can do. That's just being realistic and fair to yourself.

Stay on track December 1 and December 2 and do your run, walk, or meditation with a strong feeling.

Mercury goes direct on the sixth. Exercise with a more fun, childlike enthusiasm. Zumba, salsa, hula, or Mediterranean dance? Work those core muscles.

December 11 and December 12 are your power days with the moon in Aquarius. Push yourself. Swimming and hot tub time are prime on Thursday. Be good to yourself.

The moon conjoins Uranus on the seventeenth. Try a new class, weights, or aerobics routine or a new piece of equipment or outfit. The sun trines Uranus on Thursday. A new gym, running club, or even stationary bike could be good now.

Conclude your holiday shopping on December 21 when the sun enters Capricorn. Shopping is heavy-duty exercise, too. Eat, drink, and pace yourself. No running on empty, okay?

Exercise early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, and have a great happy, healthy holiday. Enter 2019 strong!

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