October 2018: Keep that self-motivation going and you'll soar through this month getting healthier and fitter. Be smart about your workouts and rest periods and make more progress than ever. Feel virtuous, relaxed, and happy day by day.

Start October 1 full of energy and confidence. Run, walk, or do chair yoga and know that it's easy. The moon sextiles Uranus now.

Venus goes retrograde on the fifth. You're doing this for you. Wear your most comfortable gear and show others in the weight room that you mean business.

Mercury opposes Uranus on October 10. Know when to give up on a new class or new diet. Your body - and tummy - know best.

The seventeenth and eighteenth are power days for you with the moon in Aquarius. Do your best, especially on Thursday when the moon conjoins Mars.

October 20 or October 21 could be a spa or hot tub day. You're earning it. Maybe upgrade your shampoo or skin moisturizer or sunscreen. Pamper yourself a bit. It's okay.

The sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus on October 23. Get serious about basics. Think posture, breathing, strength, and flexibility.

Venus opposes Uranus on the thirty-first. Work hard and don't get fancy. You deserve a few Halloween treats!

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