Month of Feb 2019: With the new moon in your house on February 4, there’s nothing you can’t do. You’ll take off like a shot as your health improves and your energy increases. You are committed to the personal goals that you’ve been working hard to reach. Your positive attitude is so great that you’ll be smiling through the most brutal workout class. You’re a beast!

However, just because you’re feeling great doesn’t mean you can push yourself to the max. Don’t forget to stretch before each workout, and take a long, hot shower afterward to release some of that tension. You’ve worked hard to be healthy, so don’t waste it.

On the nineteenth, the full moon in Virgo will remind you of the importance of clearing your mind and detoxing, and I don’t mean a juice cleanse. Look at your world and see if you have any clutter you don’t need. Are you really enjoying that kickboxing class? Do you feel like your personal trainer is helping you reach your goals? Can you make time in your schedule to try dancing? Change is scary, but face your feels to kick out what’s not helping you. Sometimes you’ve got to trim a few branches in order to grow.

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