Monthly FitnessScope

This is your month to push hard and achieve a lot. Simply being steady and not losing ground is already a victory. Don't let anything discourage you. Work hard and then reward yourself with extra pampering. Rest and relaxation are part of the routine, right? You're doing great just knowing how important it is to be fitter and healthier.

On February 1, do your run, aerobics, or yoga routine and have a well-deserved breakfast. Start the day in high gear.

On the fifth, rethink your new class, instructor, shoes, or shampoo.

February 10 is full of energy. Join a community fun run for a good cause or go out and dance! You're moving now.

The thirteenth is Mardi Gras and has a Sun-Uranus sextile. It's party time on the treadmill or elliptical. Go for it!

February 14 and February 15, with the Moon in Aquarius, are your power days, complete with a solar eclipse on February 15. Run or swim farther or faster. If dancing, turn up the music.

On the twentieth, take yoga more seriously. Master the headstand. Yes!

Challenge yourself on February 26, then reward your tummy in a healthy way. You're doing better than fine!

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