October 2018: You know what works best for you. You know what makes you feel the most powerful. Go with what is making you happiest. It might not burn the most calories or add the most muscle, but so what? Your progress will come from whatever is most satisfying.

On October 1 do your run or video workout promptly and have a good breakfast. You’ve earned it!

On the fifth, Venus goes retrograde. Care less about appearance and more about the outcome of all your hard work. Run, bike, or hike and get all the fresh air and sun that you can this weekend.

Sign up for a new team sport on Monday, October 8, with the new moon in Libra. The following weekend of the thirteenth and fourteenth is great for charity runs or dance parties. Count all those steps.

On October 18, punch the bag or pound the treadmill or rowing machine. Think full-body workout and feel stronger.

The twenty-second and twenty-third are your power days with the moon in Aries. Yoga can be as strenuous as you want.

Have a powerful run or swim on October 31, Halloween, and hand out more candy than you consume. Fantastic!

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