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aries Horoscope

Month of Jul 2019: Half the planets will be retrograde at some point during the month, but you are hitting the gym like the warrior you are, Aries. Mars entering Leo on July 1 increases your physical stamina, allowing you to tackle any goal. Take your workout outside for a fun summer adventure.

You may be all fired up with your intense workout plan, but Chiron’s retrograde on the eighth will cool things down. Chiron is all about healing, so ask yourself how you can stay more grounded while burning that energy. Some intense yoga or a backpacking trip might just do the trick. Get back into nature to heal yourself.

Remember to take it easy during the second half of the month to balance out the intensity of the first half. Go to bed early on July 16, when the partial lunar eclipse is in Capricorn. You’ll need your rest to prevent major burnout.

Work out your upper body when the sun enters glamorous Leo on the twenty-second and makes you want to look good for the summer.

Take some time to relax when Mercury turns direct on July 31. A massage will do wonders for you.

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