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Month of Sep 2019: Summer is over, Aquarius. It’s time to get back into your routine of getting plenty of sleep, jogging, drinking water, and maybe eating a vegetable. This may sound boring, but Mars in Virgo just wants you to be healthy. It will take a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, but when Jupiter forms a quincunx with the north node of the moon, you’ll be feeling much better physically and mentally.

Pay close attention to your emotions this month, especially on September 14 when the full moon is in sensitive Pisces. Focus on how certain activities affect your mood. Does going for a bike ride every day make you more cheerful? Are you dreading going to your aerobics class? Use this a guiding point as you make lifestyle changes to increase your happiness. Follow your bliss!

Your good mood will continue on the twenty-third when the sun enters fellow air sign Libra, giving you plenty of #goodvibes. Loosen up those tense muscles by doing some hot yoga or stretches. Get creative with your workout routine on September 28 when the new moon is in Libra. You might even come up with the next fitness fad. Make your mind work as hard as your body.

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