Monthly FitnessScope

Happy New Year! You're seeing good results from all your efforts, inspiration, and emotional drive. If last year was good, this year will be even better. Stick to your program. You can always improve features, be it exercise or diet or rest schedule. But you have the basics down and they are working. Don't stop now.

Greet January 1 in your new workout gear and have a great run or walk, or do a cardio video. Improve core strength on the eighth and ninth. The sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn on the ninth. Do burpies, supermans, crunches, and asymmetric pushups. Let's not forget planks. After this, everything will seem easier. It is. Pull back a bit on

January 11 and January 12. Walking can be stretching as well as aerobic exercise. The seventeenth and eighteenth are your power days with the moon in Aquarius. You know you want to move more. Add up your steps and maybe use the elliptical. Make your legs happy.

The sun enters Aquarius on January 19. Treat your hair and skin well. Is it hot tub time? Probably. Rock that yoga class on the twenty-third. Respecting limits, yoga is great physical therapy. Challenge yourself on January 27 and January 30. You're up for it. Fantastic!

Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment


The moon conjoins Uranus early in the day today, bringing flashes of insight. Tune in with this exclusive meditation from Jessica Snow.

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