Month of Sep 2018: You're making great progress, so don't get impatient with yourself now. You're working harder than ever. It might simply be keeping up the step count, but it matters. Do what you can, and don't feel like you're competing with anybody. Rise and shine on September 1 for a great run or walk or stretch. Is it a long weekend for you? Bike, hike, or swim at a special place and make the most of the outdoors before summer ends.

On the sixth, Saturn goes direct and Uranus squares the moon. Go slowly, but go strong. Keep up the effort. More steps. The moon trines Uranus on Saturday. Have an active weekend outdoors if you can. Drink water and remember the sunscreen.

On September 10, Mars enters Aquarius. Be energetic and stay focused on your own needs. On Wednesday, Venus opposes Uranus. Yoga or aerobics can be strenuous.

The eighteenth has a Mars-Uranus square. Don't compete with anyone but yourself, and don't get impatient. More steps, yes! The sun enters Libra and starts autumn on Saturday. You might waffle with the Mercury-Uranus quincunx, but do the treadmill or walk anyway.

The sun-Saturn square on September 25 challenges your stamina. You're getting better and better!

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