Month of Jan 2019: You've got a whole new year ahead of you! Sure, there might be days when it takes a bit more sacrifice to work a bit harder or to rest and refrain from working more than is good for you. One day, one workout, one meal, one night's sleep at a time. Do it.

Get serious with yourself on January 1 when the sun conjoins Saturn. Do an honest run or walk or even a chair yoga or stretching session. Be grateful that you can.

Go skiing or snowshoeing on the fifth and sixth. The new moon and solar eclipse on Saturday are great for tackling a tough new sport.

January 7 and January 8 are your power days with the moon in Aquarius. Even rest and recovery can be done push-ups. Keep up the step count.

Pace yourself on the thirteenth when Mercury conjoins Saturn. A walk can be powerful, too. On January 18, the sun squares Uranus. Why risk a setback because of stubbornness? Stay healthy and safe.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on January 20 can bring together health-minded kindred spirits. Share your enthusiasm. Listen and be encouraged. End the month upbeat with the moon-Uranus trine. You're charging ahead!

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