Month of Aug 2020: You’re looking great and feeling motivated to work out, Aquarius. You feel energized just thinking about moving your body. Thank the full moon for this burst of motivation and energy because it’s in your sign on August 3. Use these good vibes to your full advantage. Mercury enters Leo on the fourth, giving you a positive attitude that makes you active and fit. Go, you!

However, Venus entering Cancer could throw you off your game on August 7 as life pressures get to you. Distraction and temptation are too strong for your self-discipline. But don’t beat yourself up over it. When Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh, embrace self-love and accept your body exactly how it is. You’re still doing great.

The retrograde of Uranus on August 15 brings your health and stamina back with renewed energy. All that working out brings some welcome attention from an attractive stranger when the new moon is in Leo on the eighteenth. Flirting burns calories, right? As the sun enters Virgo on August 22, you feel motivated to reach your goals again. End the summer by doing a killer workout that makes you feel great!

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