Month of Aug 2020: Bored with your current workout, Aries? Spice it up by trying something out-of-the-box when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. Take up karate or dancing to get your body moving. Focus on breathing techniques during your exercises to reduce stress when Mercury enters Leo on the fourth.

If you can go swimming, do so when Venus enters Cancer on August 7. Water sports are calling your name and can make a big splash in your overall workout. Don’t go crazy with your competitiveness when Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh. You love to win, but you won’t feel much like a winner when you hurt yourself trying to beat your neighbor. Take care of your body.

Put on your running shoes and get moving when Uranus goes retrograde on August 15. Taking up running will clear your mind and give you a ton of endorphins to make you happy. However, use the new moon in Leo on the eighteenth to give your body a rest. You can’t run on empty forever. After a rest day, you’ll be filled with drive and energy when the sun enters Virgo on August 22. Go get ’em!

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