Month of Jan 2019: Start the year off right with determination and a strong attitude. Decide to do things right, eat right, sleep well, and exercise smart. No two steps forward and one step back for you. Go ahead and try a new approach, or maybe just a new way of thinking about your general health and fitness.

Take command of your workout and daily routine starting on January 1 when the sun conjoins Saturn. Walk, run, or work out and mean it. Get outside if you can on the fifth. Get excited for the new moon and solar eclipse and have a great walk, run, or hike. Keep moving.

Don't be indecisive on January 8 when Mercury squares Mars. You're taking care of yourself.

The twelfth and thirteenth are your power days with the moon in Aries. Push harder, go farther or longer. You're gaining power.

Look and feel more attractive and graceful on January 18 as Venus trines Mars. Is a new dance class calling you? Check it out.

Tap into a deeper sense of fun and frolic with the full moon and lunar eclipse on the twentieth. Is it a skiing or skating weekend? Mars trines Jupiter on January 25. Make a big push and be proud!

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