Month of Jun 2020: Summer is here and you’re ready to get fit. Vesta enters Cancer on June 3, encouraging you to try new workouts. Go for a run or take up tai chi. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll get a boost of energy when the lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius on the fifth. You love to sweat! The best day to work out is at the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile Chiron on June 10. You’ll be in your stride.

Mercury’s retrograde on the seventeenth slows down some of your progress. An unexpected conflict has feeling off. Don’t let a petty argument keep you from getting in shape. Luckily, your motivation returns when the sun and the solar eclipse are in Cancer on June 20. Do some cardio with a new burst of stamina.

Welcome new fitness experiences when Neptune retrogrades on the twenty-second. One could be your new favorite thing. Life gets hectic when Venus goes back into direct on June 24, but at least try to sneak in some push-ups at your desk. Mars entering your sign on the twenty-seventh will show you the results of your hard work. You’re killing it, Aries!

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