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Month of Jun 2019: Have you been slacking off when it comes to your workout, Aries? No, we aren’t here to shame you, but Mars is in Cancer for the rest of this month, making you reflect on your previous goals and obligations. Is your goal right now actually doable, or should you set a much more manageable one? You’re not admitting defeat, just allowing yourself a better path to success. Take it!

The planets don’t do you any favors this month. Mercury enters emotional Cancer on June 4, causing you to hit roadblock after roadblock. Don’t overwork yourself or you could risk a serious injury. You live off adrenaline, Aries, but if you want to get actual results, you’re gonna have to slow down. Do some low-stress workouts like yoga and gentle exercises until you feel balanced again.

Luckily, this month isn’t all doom and gloom. Venus enters Gemini on the eighth, ushering in some much-needed good times. Venus can give you some a major energy to help with your goals and workout buddies to help you get through those reps. Celebrate your victories on June 17 when the full moon is in Sagittarius. You deserve it, Aries!

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