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aries Horoscope

Month of Apr 2019: Spring is in full bloom, and now is the time to go outside and embrace the season. Mars is in Gemini at the beginning of April, and this transition brings a renewed sense of discovery and a desire to connect with nature. Go for a jog, do some yoga in the park, try a new sport - anything that gets you outside and connecting with something that isn’t a fitness app.

If you’ve been feeling sort of sluggish lately, prepare for that to change. The sun, followed by Mercury on April 16 and Venus four days later, will all be in your sign and giving you enough energy and stamina to rival the most caffeinated of energy drinks. You feel like you can climb the highest mountain, but please pace yourself. Jumping back into things too quickly can lead to injury, and you can’t burn as much energy wearing a cast.

Working out alone can be so boring, but luckily the planets are aligning to bring some friendly faces into your life. Try to get to know some of the people in your yoga class or even using the machine next to yours. Fitness buddies not only make working out fun but they can also keep you accountable.

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