Month of Jul 2020: July is here, and you’re ready to get fit and look great. However, while you feel ambitious, don’t try to do everything at once. Retrograde Saturn entering Capricorn on July 1 will show you that smaller goals achieve big results. When the full moon is in Capricorn on the fourth, pick one goal and stick to it. You’ll see positive changes in no time.

While you’re excited about working out and getting fit, remember to take it slowly when Mercury goes back into direct on July 12. If you want to try Pilates or yoga for the first time, do some research before you jump in. No one wants to feel ridiculous on their first day doing something, or waste a ton of money because you don’t know how to use your expensive exercise bike!

If you’re putting off a dreaded workout or checkup this month, do it when the new moon is in Cancer on the twentieth. Soothing Cancer will show you that what you’ve been avoiding really isn’t that bad after all. The best day to exercise this month is when the sun enters excitable Leo on July 22. You’ll be energized enough to achieve anything.

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