July 2018: Being active and healthy just keeps getting easier and easier. There are more groups, events, and activities that may catch your attention and invite you to join. Give it a go if you like. Regardless, keep up your personal quota of steps, minutes, however you measure your exercise. Do a powerful run, walk, or workout on July 1 and feel fantastic all day long.

If the Fourth of July is a party day for you, exercise early and celebrate with healthy favorite dishes. The fifth may have ups and downs, but the ups will win out. Don't skip your workout. More steps and more water.

July 7 and July 8 may continue the party mood, so join the fun run or bike ride or hike. Or go to the beach. Sunscreen, hat, and water? Check. Venus enters Virgo on July 9. Let your enthusiasm speak for itself. Looking good!

Start a new class or regimen on the twelfth. Zumba or Pilates, then relax, soak, and replenish skin, hair, and nails. It's a new you! Your power days are the seventeenth and eighteenth with the moon in Libra. Up your expectations and make them count. Mercury retrograde starts on the twenty-fifth, and the next day has the sun-Mars opposition. Go slowly but be strong!

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