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You're a fighter, and you know how good it feels to win. When it comes to working hard to be healthier and fitter, it's all win/win. The only way to lose is to give up, and that isn’t your style. You might feel discouraged or weak at times, but you will never show it, and you will never give in. Get up on September 1, dress, stretch, and go for your run or walk or do a video routine. Is a long holiday weekend coming up for you? Perhaps take a trip and get out into nature or a luxury health spa. Try a new sport (rollerblading) on September 2. Swim on September 3. Run or walk on September 4, eat well, and then soak in the hot tub or hot spring. Your muscles and mind say thank you! Mercury turns direct on September 5. Get your gear organized and keep moving. Concentrate on good posture and breathing on September 12. Take pleasure in small improvements on September 19. It all matters. September 20 and 21 are your power days. Blast through your run or body-pump session and glow with health. Be smart on September 29 and eliminate something that complicates your workout. Terrific work!

Many Moons

HOW TO HARNESS THE MOON: Zodiac Tips for Every Sign

Tomorrow's new moon is a potent one, and every sign in the Zodiac has its own strength of connection. Find out how you can best align yourself with one of the most powerful phases of the moon, based on your sign.

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