Monthly FitnessScope

Step up and set your world on fire this month. Look your best while doing it, too. Really. You know that it takes work and feels so good during and after. Don't let a little "before" laziness hold you back. Jump in and don't give it another thought. Begin November 1 ready to go with your home video of choice. Chair yoga? Aerobics? Move more and feel great all day. Try a new dance class or new instructor on November 3. Get serious on November 7. Let workout time get sexier. Get outside on the weekend of November 11 and November 12 and join a pickup game. Volleyball or soccer are great in the fresh air, weather permitting, of course. November 14 and November 15 are power days, so push hard and steam up the gym. You can do it. Refine your moves on November 16. Now hot tub it. Yes! November 17 is sweet but still serious. Breathe deep and do those steps. Think healthy, seasonal food on November 21. On November 23, work out early, then be ready for a healthy, happy feast. Give thanks for improving health and fitness. Pamper your skin on November 28, and feel comfy and strong. Terrific!

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Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Mars in Scorpio: Still Waters Run Deep

Tomorrow, the planet that rules aggression, sexuality and anger moves into Scorpio – an intense sign that rules our inner darkness. Let's make the most of this primal aspect this weekend, and face our fears.

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