Monthly FitnessScope

Keep moving and keep looking and feeling great. Making the effort to be healthier and fitter gives a big lift to your appearance and your mood. You may think that you're a rambling wreck, but you're not. You shine with vitality.

Get going right away on March 1. Dress and go for a run or walk, or fire up your favorite recorded workout. Have a good breakfast, and smile all day long.

The third and fourth are your power days with the moon in Libra. Dream big and healthy, and show people that you mean it.

Venus enters Aries on March 6. Get competitive with yourself and raise the bar. Take more steps or go more minutes on the elliptical.

On the tenth, get serious about basics - breathing and posture. Get extra sleep, too. Does daylight savings time begin tonight for you? If morning is a struggle on March 13, hold off until evening. You deserve to enjoy your workout time.

If the seventeenth is party time, dance up a storm and celebrate healthfully.

Spring arrives on March 20. Visit the farmers’ market or produce stand for seasonal fruits and veggies. Surprise yourself and try something new and exciting on the twenty-eighth. Be more fit and have more fun!

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