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Month of Sep 2019: You’ve been slaying it at the gym lately, Libra. Your energy is up and you’re swimming in endorphins. Thanks to Mars and Mercury being in creative Virgo, your workout is fueling your body and mind. Next time after your morning run, write down all the thoughts you had while working out. You might come up with the next great novel.

Teamwork makes the dream work this month. Starting on September 14, Mercury and Venus enter your sign, making you crave companionship. Satisfy this need by joining a team sport, creating your own yoga group, or signing up for an online running group. Friendship makes fitness fun! However, don’t let this group activity make you competitive. Jupiter squares Neptune on the twenty-first, bringing out the green-eyed monster in you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just focus on you.

Your creative streak continues throughout the month as the sun enters your sign on September 23. You’ll soon find solutions to all of your problems. Gym too far away? Exercise outside. Hate your spin class? Find a new instructor. Treat yourself to a nice jog on the twenty-eighth, when the new moon is in Libra, to celebrate all your hard work.

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