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Month of Jun 2019: This is a month of highs and lows for you, Libra, so pay special attention to your mental health. With Mars in Cancer until July and Mercury entering Cancer on June 4, your moods could be a whirlwind. One moment you’ll be utterly committed to your fitness routine, and the next you’ll be in utter despair and ready to call it quits. Try to stay level-headed and not dive off the deep end. Focus more on taking care of your mental well-being and less on gains at the gym.

Thankfully, Gemini’s got your back. With the sun still in Gemini until the twenty-first, and Venus entering Gemini on June 8, this is the perfect time to do group activities. Whether it’s going swimming, taking a hike, or doing yoga, being with your friends will boost your spirits. Consider taking a group trip with some buddies - the timing is right.

This is a very rocky month for you, Libra. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect any solid results until Mercury enters Leo on the twenty-sixth. You’ll get back your focus and your mood will stabilize. Be patient. Summer has just started - there is much more fun waiting for you around the corner!

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