Month of Nov 2018: Look and feel your best now. Be more confident and eat and sleep well. It all contributes to better health and fitness. Feel strong no matter at what level you're working.

Start right away on November 1 with a romping good dance or aerobics video or brisk run. Fun! The fourth and fifth are your power days, with the moon in Libra. Stretch, soak, and be good to your body. You're working hard.

Venus trines Mars on November 9. Try that salsa or belly dancing class. Or perk up your jazz routine. Push yourself on the fifteenth, but don't burn out. Mars enters Pisces now, and expectations might be unrealistic. Do the spin class and feel good.

Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde on November 16. If not thrilled with your instructor, you can gracefully make a change. Stay organized and on course. You're improving.

Thanksgiving Day is the twenty-second. Run or work out early and save the day to celebrate and be grateful for better health and fitness.

Enjoy your fellow gym mates or running or cycling partners more when the sun conjoins Jupiter on November 25. We're all on the good quest. Venus opposes Uranus on the month’s last day. Stick with what you love. Excellent progress!

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