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Month of Jul 2019: When Mars enters energetic Leo on July 1, you’ll want to dive headfirst into your fitness goals. However, before you hit the gym, have a physical done by your doctor to make sure everything is in tip-top condition. You don’t want to get injured and ruin all the progress you’ve made. Use this time to focus on the areas you want to improve. You’ll be feeling so great when Venus enters Cancer on the third that you might even start checking yourself out (#gymselfie).

What could go wrong? Two words: Chiron retrograde. All that energy you had at the start of the month could be zapped out of you. Go for a nice, relaxing swim to ease some of that tension. Go to bed earlier - you need your rest. As sluggish as you feel, try to stick to your fitness routine, especially during the partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16. It will pay off.

Your energy picks back up again when Venus enters dynamic Leo on the twenty-seventh. A switch in your routine could be just what the doctor ordered. No one wants to be bored when they’re trying to work out. Keep striving for greatness, Libra.

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