October 2018: Look better, feel better, and be happier. Even if you work out on your own, chances are that you and your workout friends or teammates can all see a burst of progress. Be persistent and gentle with yourself. You're improving.

On October 1, have a fun run, walk, or video workout. Smile all day long. The second and third are great for team sports and big classes. Dance away and count all those steps.

On October 4, the scheduling gets sticky, but try to be flexible and don't skip. Venus goes retrograde the next day. Do it for you.

October 8 and October 9 are power days for you with the moon in Libra. And the new moon on the eighth is all yours. Try a new yoga class or running, hiking, or gardening, club. Push yourself and feel strong and beautiful inside and out.

Consider aerobic and stamina-building workouts on October 10 when the moon conjoins Venus. Make friends with the treadmill. Then discover some new sports and nutrition magazines or websites on the fifteenth.

On Tuesday, October 23, the sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. You're serious about fitness. The sun conjoins Venus on Friday. Maybe try a better shampoo or skin moisturizer.

Venus enters Libra on the thirty-first. Burn calories and earn those Halloween treats.

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