Monthly FitnessScope

You can be more active if you want. If your heart is in it, it will happen. No one and nothing will slow you down. Be in the mood for no excuses. The people who care will see how happy you are when you're working to be fitter and healthier. Do it.

Start April 1 with a great early run or aerobics workout, and then challenge your self-control regarding chocolate. It's Easter and April Fool’s Day.

The weekend of the seventh and eighth is perfect for a long walk, run, or bike ride. More steps, more fresh air, more quality time to feel your best. The Venus-Saturn trine is on Saturday.

Stand your ground and maybe hit the weight room on April 10. Maybe gain an admirer. Venus trines Mars today.

On the fourteenth and fifteenth, consider tennis or handball. Keep it aerobic. Mercury goes direct on Sunday. You can probably find your favorite headband now.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19. Wear your new yoga pants with pride.

Venus enters Gemini on the twenty-fourth. Play more, do more steps, and talk about it less.

April 27 and April 28 are power days with the moon in Libra. You're rocking this month out of sight!

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