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Are you eager and on fire some days, and then some days you'd just as soon sleep in and drive everywhere rather than walk? Welcome to the club. You aren’t lazy. You're finding the balance between overextending and rest and recovery. Don't give up. You're good. Jump in on December 1 and have a great run or aerobic workout at home. Venus enters Sagittarius today, and you're looking fantastic. Eat well on the second and do more steps on the third. Mercury turns retrograde now, but you're not backsliding. Swim on December 5 or December 6, and remember the hot tub. On the ninth and tenth, pick one thing - posture or breathing - and concentrate on that. That's great. With the moon in Libra, December 11 and December 12 are your power days. Wear your favorite cross-trainers and lucky headband and improve a personal best. If the weekend of December 16 is holiday party time, you're ready to rock it. Eat and drink wisely. Mercury turns direct on December 22. Finish up holiday chores. Shopping and cooking can be exercise, too. Find healthy recipes for favorite foods. Exercise early on the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth, relax, and celebrate the great gift of good health!

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