Month of Dec 2018: Enjoy the social part of exercising, but remember that ultimately you're doing all this hard work for you. Keep it fun and watch how the people around you get more enthusiastic and inspired to work harder. It will make you work harder, too.

Lace up those shoes and get moving on December 1 and December 2. These are your power days with the moon in Libra. Venus enters Scorpio on the second. Build core strength. Planks, burpies, and leg lifts are your friends.

Mercury goes direct on December 6. Accumulate steps, improve stamina, and feel great.

The moon-Venus square on the eleventh may slow you down, but you'll show up for your run, swim, or yoga session.

Blast through your workout on December 14 and have a hot tub reward. The moon conjoins Neptune, then Mars today.

Tackle last-minute holiday gift and food shopping on the twenty-first. That's serious exercise, too. Stay hydrated and remember to eat. Venus trines Neptune now. It's also the first day of winter. Need new leg warmers or gloves?

Exercise early on December 24 and December 25 and be energized and relaxed for the holiday festivities.

The twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, and thirtieth are your power days. Finish the year strong. Look out, 2019!

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