July 2018: It's the busy season. If it isn’t work, it's play. But you're not too busy to exercise, eat properly, and sleep well. It doesn't take much out of your eventful day to take good care of yourself. Be stronger, healthier, and happier. Get up and go out on July 1. A good run or aerobics workout can lift your mood.

Work out early on the fourth, and have a healthy appetite for healthful party foods later. The fifth and sixth are your power days with the moon in Aries. Be energized on the fifth and persist on the sixth.

On July 7 and July 8, slow down, drink more water, and stock up on favorite juices and smoothie ingredients. Maybe stretch and swim.

The new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth lets you rethink a new class or weights regimen that might be more extreme than you realized. Being smart is not wimping out.

On July 18, focus on the basics - good posture and breathing. Muscles and joints will thank you. A week later it's hot tub or massage time. Foam rolling can feel good. Then power walk after the full moon lunar eclipse on July 27. Sweet.

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