Monthly FitnessScope

Try all the new classes or equipment you like. So long as you don't play the daredevil, you'll learn a lot about how your body works. Of course, if you're totally into a routine that makes you happy, stay happy and don't change a thing.

Do your workout or run early on May 1 and blaze through the rest of the day.

The moon conjoins Pluto and Mars on the fifth. Have a powerful group run or dance the night away.

May 11 and May 12 are your power days with the moon in Aries. Increase your step count or add a lap or extra minutes to your run or swim.

The thirteenth is Mother's Day. Exercise early and then spend some quality time with Mom.

The next day is the last day that Uranus spends in Aries. Push yourself in the weight room, but don't get reckless.

May 19 and May 20 are made for fun in the sun! Get out, get some fresh air, and remember to take your sunscreen and hat.

The sun trines Mars on May 23. It’s body pump or super aerobics time!

Memorial Day, the twenty-eighth, is for beach or hiking fun. The next day is the full moon. Work hard and then sleep extra well. Great!

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