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Month of May 2019: You’ve been riding high on the energy from Mars in Gemini since April, but all good things must come to an end. Take this opportunity to end certain time-consuming activities while you can, like that dance class or an extra month with your trainer. Be prepared to slow down or you’ll be overwhelmed with obligations.

On May 15, Mars enters Cancer, slowing down your fast pace. Now is the time to take a step back and focus on your emotional well-being. Don’t fall apart when things don’t go your way. Try some hot yoga or even kickboxing to release some of that pent-up frustration. Eat right and take things slowly. Your body can use the rest.

Cheer up, Libra! Things will pick back up again on the twenty-first when the sun and Mercury enter Gemini, lifting your spirits like removing a 50-pound weight. Your workouts become more playful and fun - as they should be! In the past, you’ve set the standards for yourself a little too high. Now that you’re feeling better, you’re able to set achievable goals, which will lead you down the road to success, and you’ll be ready to have some summer fun!

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