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Happy New Year! As great as last year was, you can do even better this year. You're looking good and know how to make the most of every workout. Be willing to work just a little bit harder, not every day but often, and see how quickly your health and fitness improve.

Begin January 1 with a strong run or workout with your favorite video. Chair yoga or meditation counts. Now, go seize the day! Perform big on the sixth, when Mars and Jupiter are conjoined in Scorpio. The head and the body want to work together now.

January 7 through January 9 are your power days with the moon in Libra. Have a powerful run or spinning session on the ninth, when the sun conjoins Pluto. Get serious about core strength on January 14. Do those burpies, crunches, and asymmetric pushups. Burn now and be glad later. Have a moderate workout or spirited walk on the sixteenth. How is your step count? Bet it's great.

On January 17 and January 24, fix a minor posture or movement problem and say ahhh! You're improving fast. Work on quicker reflexes on the twenty-sixth. Improve balance on the last day of the month. All right!

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