aries Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Tap Your Creativity

Aries, do you feel like stepping back from life, even just a little? The sun in your home zone until July 22 brings a chance to kick back and enjoy more self-care and nurturing. Try to simplify your schedule and relish the company of close ones.

With a new moon in Cancer on the ninth, it’s time to get moving on your plans for the home and any family projects. Whether it’s a move, a desire for a makeover, or a search for your dream home, this is the time to make a start. You’ll quickly build momentum.

As thought-provoking Mercury moves into Cancer on July 11, make a point of getting organized and eliminating those paper piles and cluttered hotspots so you have room to breathe.

July also features some planetary clashes when others can seem to oppose your plans. If you’re convinced you’re on the right track, stay strong, but be aware that stubbornness and pride could get in the way of progress.

Love planet Venus moves into Virgo on the twenty-first, which might encourage you to sample a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. You may like it so much that you decide to stick with it.

The sun powers into Leo on July 22, so romance and creativity are at a peak. The coming four weeks bring a chance to indulge in your favorite activities. What do you love to do the most? Whatever it is, do more of it!

Are you ready to enjoy some socializing? The full moon on the twenty-third could see you taking part in an event that is a lot of fun.

Jovial Jupiter moves back into Aquarius for some months on July 28, making this a time to enhance your social media presence and networking skills in a way that brings tangible benefits.

Finally, on the twenty-ninth, dynamic Mars changes signs and moves into industrious Virgo, inspiring a period of hard work and discipline.

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Monthly Love

Aries Things really heat up under the influence of your ruler Mars traveling with kindred fire sign Leo at the start of the month. You can’t deny the sexual chemistry between you and a current partner or someone you’ve been attracted to for a very long time. A spontaneous admission leads to an encounter you won’t forget.

Sensitive water sign Cancer hosts a new moon on July 9 that encourages you to open up about your feelings in order to become closer to a current or potential partner. While you can’t easily predict your moods...

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Monthly Work

July is a month in which you can change your outlook, if you’re ready to evolve, and this could lead to major shifts in the direction you take your career. The new moon on July 9 could set a new professional endeavor in motion. This won’t take flight for several months, but the time to manifest it is now. By the time the sun moves into Leo on the twenty-second, you could be inclined to take a creative leap and invest a lot of your energy in this project. 

When Venus enters Virgo on July 21, followed by the movement of Mars into Virgo...

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Monthly Dating

July begins on a gentle note when the new moon in Cancer on the ninth encourages a private night in. Romance continues to get domestic when Mercury enters Cancer on July 11. Prepare for whispers of sweet nothings and daydreaming about the future. 

Dating becomes routine as you settle down in your relationship when Venus enters Virgo on the twenty-first. If you’re single, work on self-improvement (changing your style, getting a haircut, etc.). If you’re seeing someone, appreciate them or your heart will wander. 


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