Aries Monthly Horoscope for November 2022

Month of November 2022


Aries, the weeks up until November 22 usher in a time of change and transformation. With the sun, inquisitive Mercury and lovely Venus in Scorpio, you’ll be prepared to look beneath the surface. It’s a chance to discover what might be preventing you from being as happy and successful as you’d like.

On the eighth, the potent lunar eclipse in Taurus occurs across your financial axis and could bring a money matter to a head. However, because this eclipse ties in with an edgy Saturn-Uranus angle, something will have to give so that a solution can be found.

The more willing you are to let go of whatever no longer serves your best interests, the happier and lighter in spirit you’ll be. You’ll also make space for the fabulous opportunities that are bound to come your way. This is the month when you can get rid of a mountain of clutter that might have been holding you back for some time.

Despite all this intensity, the focus gradually swings to Sagittarius, with harmonious Venus moving in on November 15, followed by clever Mercury two days later and the sun five days after that. You’ll be ready for new adventures now that you’ve cleared the decks. Whether you feel like traveling, studying or taking on a new challenge, this is the time to take a leap into the unknown.

Your appetite for life will increase, and you’ll be ready to seize fresh opportunities as they arise. Love might be rekindled or new love found when you take a step into the future and embrace fresh experiences.

The new moon in easygoing Sagittarius on the twenty-third is perfect for kick-starting a project or venture. If you’re setting out on a journey, you’ll find that things seem to unfold by themselves in the best way possible.

Finally, jovial Jupiter, your personal planet, turns direct in your home zone on November 23, which means you’re about to reap the rewards of any recent bold moves.

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