Month of Nov 2018: There’s a way to push forward despite the obstacles you face this month. Uranus is retrograde when it joins up with competitive Aries on November 6, but this transit is still an effective pairing. You tend to push ahead despite the warning signs to yield or stay back completely, but you’re a “pay the consequences later” type of person anyway. You’d rather regret something you did than something you didn’t do.

A Mars-Uranus retrograde sextile on the fifteenth gives you an extra punch of initiative, and you should be able to draw on past experience to propel yourself forward. Remember the times when you were the only one in the room who raised your hand when a certain question was asked, or when you said yes when everyone else said no? The world needs those kinds of people today, Aquarius. Step up and say yes to the cause that’s reaching out to you.

The sun moves into travel-loving Sagittarius on November 22, so make a commitment to get away. A trip around the world would be nice, but if all your budget allows for is taking the bus to a new part of the city, then go for it. New sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and experiences that touch all your senses feed your adventure-loving soul.

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