Mercury isn’t comfortable in emotional Pisces to start the month, but when it conjoins favorable Venus in the same creative sign on March 4, writing down your feelings really helps. You still have communication issues, but being able to rewrite and use a grammar and spell checker before you hit “send” really helps.

A special annual Mars-Uranus trine shows up on the cosmic radar on the eleventh, which means doors of opportunity are unexpectedly opening. Which one should you step through? Let your gut feelings guide you toward happiness and success.

The touchy-feely moon passes through your strong sign on March 18 and March 19, making you impatient to move on to whatever comes next. Waxing poetic about every little moment isn’t your thing, but you don’t have to purposely ruin the mood by jumping ahead too quickly.

The sun bursts into your energetic sign on the twentieth, and your fire can’t be contained. Do things that feel natural and good, and don’t let anyone put out your flame. You’re a bold, strong Aries and you can’t be contained!

You reach an inevitable (but temporary) slowdown when a sun-Saturn square puts up some roadblocks on March 29, but you aren’t afraid to tackle problems head-on. When you set your mind to something, you literally can’t be stopped.

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