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aries Horoscope

Month of Jul 2019: Expect some early fireworks when aggressive Mars and fiery Leo get together on July 1. There’s no guessing what will happen when these powerhouses team up, but it’s going to be exciting!

Communicative Mercury in outgoing Leo enters a retrograde period on the seventh, which, unfortunately, could disrupt messages and cause confusion. The good news? Something that was lost might suddenly turn up. Don’t ask too many questions. Just be thankful for its return.

If you’ve been avoiding something painful lately, the healing power of Chiron going retrograde in your determined sign on July 8 should be enough to help you bravely face it. Avoid self-pity. What happens from here on out is up to you.

There’s rebellion in the air during the Mars-Uranus square on the eleventh, causing you to act with little regard to the potential consequences. Find a safe area of your life where breaking the rules doesn’t have such dire results.

Venus loves money, so when she enters proud Leo on July 27, you want to boast about your wealth or recent efforts to make money. Other people are happy for your success, but bragging about yourself too often could get old.

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