Monthly Overview

When Uranus goes direct on January 2, your inner rebel wakes up, stretches, and looks around as if to say, “Hmmm. What have I missed?!” You could get into some serious mischief right now, but potential consequences hold you back from doing too much damage.

Venus enters eccentric Aquarius on the seventeenth, and your love life takes an interesting turn. You’re a rule breaker, and you aren’t interested in anything of the conventional sort. Anyone who wants you to conform to their idea of right and wrong is in for some serious disappointment.

The sun follows Venus into Aquarius on January 19, adding more oddness to your daily journey. Break out of your comfort zone and say yes to all new experiences that come your way.

Mars ventures out of Scorpio’s dark shadow on the twenty-sixth. When it lands in exploratory Sagittarius, you give in to your impulsive side. Spontaneous moments lead to some seriously good memories.

A special full Leo moon brings the month to a profound close on January 31, because it’s also a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. Go ahead and make plans, but don’t be surprised when you get sidetracked and end up going in the opposite direction than you initially intended.

Open to finding love? Unveil your destiny.

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