Week of Jan 11, 2021: Even if you aren’t an artist by trade, a little creative thinking is required in every career. And when the week begins on January 11, Mercury and Jupiter will join forces in your fifth house of self-expression, pushing you to try something that exposes your talents and reveals your passion for the game. Allow it to remind you why you were drawn to the field you’re currently pursuing.

By January 13, it may be time to set aside your concerns at work and focus on what matters at home. The new moon will activate your cozy fourth house, encouraging you to tend to your private life. It’s not easy for your career to take off without a solid personal life to support you along the way. As Mars in your intense eighth house squares off with Saturn in your artistic fifth house, you could potentially feel like your inspiration is drying up. Turn to someone you love and talk out these fears.

Luckily, by the sixteenth and seventeenth, the moon will be in your productive sixth house. As it forms a sextile with Mars in your eighth house of transformation, it’s clear that hard work will push you through this creative block.

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