libra Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of April 4, 2021

Week of April 4, 2021

As this week begins, taking time to work from home will make all the difference. On April 5, the moon and Pluto will join forces in your cozy fourth house, encouraging you to transform your connection to your home space and office. Revitalize the way you do work while you relax and unwind.

By April 6, working with someone will lead to unexpected revelations. Venus in your seventh house of partnerships will sextile Mars in your expansive ninth house, paving the way for colleagues to inspire you and show you a new way of looking at your work. In fact, a creative boost on April 7 will inspire you to infuse your work with artistic understanding. As the moon joins forces with Jupiter, the cosmos will encourage you to have fun as you work. Getting the job done doesn’t have to be a boring, clinical process. Let loose and watch the beautiful things that fall into place.

Resentments in your work relationships may surface by April 9. The Mercury-Chiron conjunction in your partnership sector may encourage you to heal the wounds that are making it harder for you to trust your ability to work with someone. As Mars squares off with Neptune in your sixth house of routine, you may be falling off track, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to easily catch up.