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libra Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of December 5, 2021

Week of December 5, 2021

The concept of value is subjective - but you already knew that, Libra! So, how do you get colleagues to see the value of your skills and contributions?

As Mars meets Pluto in a sextile, you could feel more ambitious to make some money. You may be in competition with yourself or others to get that bag! The desire to conquer your financial status will drone on from Sunday to Tuesday, December 5 to 7. However, you may be met with some problems, as Mars will also square Jupiter for most of the week! The square indicates an obstacle that you must overcome, likely between finances, value, creativity, and self-expression. Convincing your colleagues of your value can be difficult, especially if there is a numerical system in place, such as a pay scale. You may want to make more money, get a raise, or have a financial incentive opportunity offered to you. However, you may have to think outside of the box. It is also plausible that you may have to fight for your workplace to see how valuable you are as an employee. Luckily, the first quarter moon in Pisces on Friday, December 10, indicates action being taken at work!