cancer Weekly Horoscope for Week of May 16, 2021

Week of May 16, 2021

This week, someone wants to put you in a leadership position. Cancer, you can do the job. The question is, do you want the job?

The week begins on Monday, May 17, with the sun in Taurus, in your house of friendships, making a trine to Pluto in your house of relationships. Today, an acquaintance could become much, much more. You may have felt an attraction to this person, and now they may be free to date, or you are now available. This is a good time to connect and have a conversation.

On the same day, Venus in Gemini forms a conjunction with the North Node in your house of rest. Today's a good day to take the day off, sleep in and stay in your pajamas all day. Or you might nap in a hammock in your backyard. Turn off your devices and allow your mind to wander. And when your mind is at rest, the Universe will send you inspiration and messages.

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Weekly Love

You may find tension developing between you and someone in your social circle. On May 17, the sun in your platonic eleventh house will trine Pluto in your seventh house of partnerships, pushing you to strengthen your relationship with someone who may have started as an acquaintance. Time will tell where this is going. In the meanwhile, it’s a great time to work on healing your heart. As Venus and the North Node join forces in your spiritual twelfth house, it will encourage you to release emotional baggage from previous relationships. Let this...

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Weekly Work

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Weekly Dating

Use that big brain of yours to save the day early this week -- your heart might be just as powerful, but it needs a rest right now. Tuesday and Wednesday will feel dreamy, and you might conjure up someone cute if you focus your attention on making your fantasies real. Someone is going to rile you up late in the week, so much so that you might nuke 'em verbally before you realize what you're saying. You can easily make it up over the weekend if you want because nobody can resist your charm.