Week of Aug 3, 2020: Researching new ways to amplify cash flow could come more naturally while communicator Mercury moves through your second house of income from August 4 to 19. Talking to old and current colleagues, friends, and other trusted confidants could inspire you to go down a rabbit hole of information, bookmarking, and taking notes as you go. What you learn could lead the way to financial rewards. 

You’ll be on a mission to infuse your life with more pleasure, fun, and romance while relationship-oriented Venus moves through your sign from August 7 to September 6. At the same time, you could feel extra charming and alluring, as though you’re shining from the inside out. Take advantage by spending more time connecting with loved ones (even if that’s just over a FaceTime catch-up) and, if you’re attached, your significant other. You’ll feel joyful and supported. 

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