leo Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of December 12, 2021

Week of December 12, 2021

While work comes easily, making pertinent decisions regarding your career could cause some stress this week, Leo.

Your daily sector of work and routine flows thanks to the week-long conjunction between Venus and Pluto. The earthy conjunction steadily transforms your everyday work life, likely making work considerably enjoyable. You may experience more power in your professional relationships during the conjunction. The value of your work may also increase! Mercury joins in on Monday, December 13, which allows you to communicate your conjunction goals. Since Mars enters Sagittarius on Monday, your creativity is fueled with optimism. Mars drives you to be exceptionally self-expressive, especially if you want to infuse your work with more flair! While your everyday workflow is easygoing, you may experience some tension when Saturn begins to square Uranus retrograde on Thursday, December 16. The third and final square of the year is asking you to make mature commitments that can sustain the long-term value of your career progression. Think back to mid-February and mid-June. How did your partnerships, contracts, and agreements play a role in your professional development? The events from the prior squares may allude to what you can expect and how to handle the final square.