aquarius Daily Horoscope for June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

Your mind is hungry for new information today, Aquarius. Let yourself get lost in a good book, a cool museum, or a trip out of town to help you reset yourself. Luna’s sweet connection with expressive Mercury makes it an ideal date day, as you’re likely to be overflowing with witty banter and have light, but meaningful conversations. Later, the moon’s square to Venus can prompt mixed feelings on the work front.

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Daily Love

Aquarius, you're manifesting love behind the scenes, and you're also getting a head start on your due diligence. For instance, with the moon illuminating your expansive ninth house of adventure, opportunity, and unknown territory, you're likely reflecting on the pros and cons of a situation. Moreover, Luna's trine to Mercury retrograde in your romantic fifth house of love suggests the possibility of running into an ex-lover, or perhaps revisiting a love story from the past that still lives in your heart space. How do you expect to start again if you still haven't let go? Everything's a work in progress, as are you. Be gentle with yourself.

Daily Work

Aquarius, it’s time for the ideas you have been working on to be shown to others. Perhaps you have a new endeavor that has been in the back of your mind and is now coming to life. You can start working on this but wait until after the retrograde period for the right time to launch. Creative Venus in Cancer is in your sixth house of work and forming an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This is a great time to revise, look at the details, and work behind the scenes.

Daily Dating

You've got something big bubbling up today and need to share it with your people. Blog about it, shoot out a mass e-mail, or find some other way to make your vision known far and wide.

Daily Bonus

Read your receipt next time you use an ATM -- your bank account may be misleading.