libra Daily Horoscope for April 11, 2021

April 11, 2021

This time of year highlights one of the most important aspects of your life, Libra: your relationships! There’s more work and learning to be done, as you continue to explore the ever changing dynamics of closeness in intimate one-on-ones. The new moon in your opposite sign of individual-first Aries arrives this evening, bringing with it new developments around relationship matters in the month ahead.

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Daily Love

If you've been looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, be sure to take advantage of this energy, Libra. The sun will join forces with the moon—marking the beginning of this lunar phase (a.k.a. a new moon) via your seventh house of commitments, one-on-one relationships, and interpersonal connections. This is providing you with the courage and passion needed to move forward. Keep in mind, this also goes for those of you finding the will to walk away from someone. Fortunately, today's charming sextile between your planetary ruler, Venus, and lucky Jupiter in your romantic fifth house of love will bring blessings on blessings.

Daily Work

Scales, this is the time for you to own your voice in your working relationships. Although you prefer to keep the peace, the Aries new moon in your business relationship sector is encouraging the opposite. The new moon is forming a close connection with your ruling planet, Venus, in Aries—encouraging you to express yourself in a collaboration. You won’t ruffle any feathers, so say how you feel. The universe wants to support you at this time and being honest will help improve things for the better.

Daily Dating

Friends keep turning to you for advice, which is something you kind of love. At least one question may be bigger than you can handle, but you should still be able to help out a bit.

Daily Bonus

If you start out on the right foot, you'll never have to retrace your steps.