libra Daily Horoscope for June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

You’re hard to miss today, Libra. Put yourself out there and embrace your shine, as the moon’s presence in your sign centers people's focus on you. The moon spends the day in a supportive alignment with expressive Mercury, making it easy for you to speak with charisma. It’s an ideal day to put yourself on a stage of your choosing. Later on, the moon’s square to your ruler, Venus, can unleash unexpressed emotions concerning your career path.

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Daily Love

Libra, you're wearing your emotions on your sleeve, but your admirers shouldn't get it twisted. Despite the undeniable effects of the moon's journey through your sign, Luna's square to your planetary ruler, Venus, suggests that you'll be keeping your emotions to yourself for the time being (at least until you feel comfortable doing otherwise). You're an enigma right now, and you might be using this energy to your benefit. Meanwhile, Saturn's square to the wounded healer, Chiron, could trigger a sense of restriction and/or limitation, but it's all part of the healing process. Again, you're inner world may not match the energy you're portraying, so keep your balance.

Daily Work

Dear Libra, an important colleague or VIP at work could leave around this time. This can create more for you to do, causing some tension and stress. Breathing and taking it one task at a time is the best way to navigate this energy. The reason is because of the Libra moon in your first house of self, forming a challenging square with Venus in Cancer in your tenth house of career. Although this change can feel abrupt and overwhelming, it is for your benefit in the long run. Perhaps this new responsibility can mean promotion?

Daily Dating

It's easy to have fun almost anywhere you are today. Find some partners in crime. Your amazing mental energy should keep your attitude positive throughout.

Daily Bonus

Too much of your life is on the go. Book a table for lunch and use up a whole hour.