libra Daily Horoscope for October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

Thursday’s cosmic landscape is shaping up to be less than pleasant, Libra. Let honest feelings guide your ability to speak up, even if it means ruffling some feathers. The potent square between feisty Mars and truth-revealing Pluto helps alleviate any underlying tensions brewing on the home and family front. Use this energy to get things off your chest and embrace re-constructive changes in your living space.

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Daily Love

You're breaking free from the toxicity, Libra. This is especially true with moon wandering through your haunted eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and soul-to-soul connections, bringing emotional emphasis and intuitive clarity to themes surrounding the foundation of a significant partnership as well as themes of give-and-take in your romantic connection. Luna will also conjunct electric Uranus in this area of your chart, triggering a strong and perhaps unexpected desire for freedom in your current connection. Moreover, today's square Mars-Pluto square will likely create a tug-of-war between your innermost feelings and the image you're trying to portray. Keep your balance.

Daily Work

Are you passionate about your work, Libra? Since Mars squares Pluto today, there is a bit of tension when it comes to how you identify with your professional passions and creativity. Ideally, you want to be all-in with your work. But something about it may not speak to you as a person. This square’s tension calls for creative resolution. It is time to take a step back to consider your professional passions as a whole. You may find a bit of inspiration in them after taking time away from them.

Daily Dating

The way to kill that annoying internal chatter is by relaxing and doing less. So when your head's nagging you to do the impossible, post up poolside and order a frothy beverage. Pushing yourself harder will only make the din louder.

Daily Bonus

Listen to the nagging voice in your head today -- it knows what's top priority.