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Mindfulness is one of those new-agey terms you tend to balk at, and why not? You're a skeptic to...

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Build your connections, NOW! Yes, you like to isolate -- nothing pleases you more than to shut the...

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When the crap hits the fan, you focus on the negative. You tend to absorb that scorn and ignore...

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A pal may ask to borrow money today or in the near future. Think long and hard about this one. For...

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You love to buzz around those gripe sessions -- in fact, you're the center of the feeding frenzy...

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Don't panic; don't panic. When that blow comes, absorb it -- keep that anger in check. You may...

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You will find confidence not in yourself, but in someone else. And when you spot it, verbalize it....

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Pause for some 'you' time today -- and that time is about movement, squeezing in extra,...

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You absolutely adore food -- but sometimes you just eat too much. In your case, it's more about...

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Your diet's about simplicity -- enlist minor changes for results. You don't have to give up pizza;...

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You absolutely adore chocolate, but all those bon-bons, fudge brownies and mocha coffee drinks are...

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Your confidence tends to waiver, and when it comes to crunch time, it fails altogether. You're your...

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