Monthly FitnessScope: aquarius

April 2017
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You're dedicated, with a firm grip on your schedule now. You've made up your mind. Life tosses up obstacles sometimes, but you can be firm and reasonable. Nothing is going to slow your progress now. Suit up and go running or do your video workout first thing on the 1st. The 2nd will be easier and maybe more exciting. If biking or skating, wear a helmet and gloves, right? On the 6th, have a powerful weights or elliptical session. Feel the burn? Good. Keep moving on the 8th and 9th. The weekend is ideal for springtime fun outdoors. It doesn't have to take all day. On the 11th, a trendy, wild exercise might not please your legs, joints, or back. Be your own judge. The 15th and 16th are Easter weekend. If a holiday for you, maybe take a hiking or biking day trip. If at home, exercise early and enjoy family and food time. Sweets abound, but you need not avoid all of them (unless, of course, you must). Chocolate eggs can be a temptation as well as reward. Pour your feelings into your workout on the 23rd. Feel better than ever. Nothing can talk you out of being healthier or stronger on the 28th. Go for it!

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